Moment teenager is knocked into the air by her 40kg pet dog in “hyper mode”


A TEENAGER is sent flying by her “hyper mode” dog in a hilarious video which has gone viral.

Francesca White is threatening to sell her pet after she was run over by the 40kg (88lbs) Weimeraner during a walk.

The clip shows the 17-year-old from Brandon, County Durham, on a country lane watching as four-year-old Oscar bounds past.

Seconds later Oscar crashes into the sixth former lifting her off her feet and faceplanting her in the track.

The clip, filmed by her pal, Kye Maddison, 18, has been viewed over 132,000 times.

At the beginning of the clip she can be seen darting after the dog, who is frantically running around.

She stops her chase and the camera zooms in on Francesca’s face before the Oscar comes bounding back in to view.

Francesca was unable to stop the dog, which simply went right through her.

Quickly she runs out in front of the brown pooch, and braces herself as if to try and stop him passing.

Unphased, the dog heads straight for her legs, with the intent of running between them.

Francesca is immediately floored when the dog hits her hard in the shins and she is flipped forward onto the ground, face first.

She escaped serious injury but said she had a grazed knee.

She said he was getting sent to the pound after the incident.

She uploaded the video to Twitter on Sunday writing: “Dunno how Kye managed to get it on record but am selling me dog.”

On social media a user called Erin wrote: “Am buckled man hahahah.”

Kate Storey wrote: “I can’t stop watching this man.”

Robynn Leigh wrote: “Still laughing, gets funnier every time I watch it.”

Rachel Craig simply wrote: “hahahaha.”

In the comments, Francesca called it a ‘near death experience’ and said she’d ‘never flew so far in her life’.

Francesca said the pair had now made up.

She also added about the dog: ‘He’s getting took to the pound.’

Speaking today she said Oscar was sprinting around “in hyper mode and then he just ran into me while on a hill – knocking me clean over”.

She added: “I don’t have any serious injuries, I only grazed my knee.”

“I’ve made up with Oscar now, he’s feeling very sorry for himself at the minute, he’s always craving attention.”