Woman hits herself in face trying to remove disastrous £5 eBay veneers


A HILARIOUS video shows a woman struggling to remove her disastrous £5 eBay veneers.

Natalie Fletcher is seen trying to prise out the “Billy Bob” teeth before resorting to slapping herself in the mouth.

The 22-year-old’s gnashers eventually snap off, leaving the mould inside her mouth.

The clip was filmed by Natalie’s 25-year-old sister, Sarah, and both women laugh hysterically throughout, watched by their highly-amuse mother.

Natalie, from Abergele, North Wales, wanted “secret veneers” to have whiter teeth but didn’t want to pay the £500 she thought it would cost.

In the clip, Natalie can be seen showing off her new teeth. Grinning, she reveals a massive overbite which looks too big for her mouth.

Standing with her hand on her forehead, she shakes her head and sister Sarah and other family members can be heard laughing hysterically in the background.

She didn’t want to pay £500 so instead took to ebay to find alternatives.

At the start of the clip Sarah, a health care assistant, says: “When she buys teeth off ebay and can’t get them out.”

Her mum says: “Try and get them out Natalie.”

Natalie then starts grabbing at the teeth and tugging. With her fingers still clutching the veneers, she says: “I can’t f****** get them out can I.”

Pulling at the middle of the teeth, she says: “And if I take that the f****** plastics coming off.”

The hysterical laughing continues in the background and she then hooks her finger round her cheek, showing more of the teeth off and says: “It’s not even the sides thats stuck, just the f****** front.”

Natalie said the side of the veneers were now free.

Another clip shows Natalie sitting down, a while later. She is now stressed because she needs to go on the school run soon.

Her mum asks her: “You’ve got to do what?”

And she immediately starts slapping the teeth with her hand aggressively. She then manages to pull the teeth out.

The family laugh hysterically as the mould can still be seen stuck to the girls gums at the end of the clip.

The footage, which was posted yesterday, now has over 23,000 likes on Facebook. Sarah posted it writing: “So today my sister thought she would try out her new ebay teeth this will teach her.

“It’s been a while since I’ve laughed this much.”

Other users enjoyed the video just as much.

Danielle Summers: “Nooo way hahaha the one where the while teeth break making her look gummy made me cry hahahaha!”

Tom Williams: “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Maisie Webster wrote: “Ebay’s gonna be smashing the orders now.”

After tugging at the veneers they eventually broke apart, leaving her looking gummy.

Natalie commented on the video writing: “Sarah you’re an absolute b***end…. My gums and teeth are so sore… Can’t believe everyone has seen this I’m not going out for weeks.” and three laughing emojis.

Speaking today, Sarah said: “She was making a cup of tea and then my mother handed her her mail which were her perfect smile teeth from ebay.

We all had a joke saying her billy bob teeth had arrived, she then had to try them there and then.

“She bought them because she wanted the secret veneers but didn’t want to pay £500 so she payed £4.99 instead.

“She melted the moult to place in her mouth once she did this they stuck to her teeth then wouldn’t come out.

“She sat there pulling and tugging at them and still wouldn’t come out she sat nearly crying because she had the school run trying to hit herself in the face to try did lodge them the teeth but they still wouldn’t move.

“After laughing to the point of wetting myself we told her to place her teeth in hot water and after 10 mins they began to loosen and flew across the room.”

“She was she wanted white teeth as hers have slightly discoloured.”