Horrifying moment reckless cabbie overtakes at zebra crossing outside school


HORRIFYING video shows a reckless taxi driver overtake at a zebra crossing – almost mowing down three youngsters and their childminder.

One of the children starts to dash across and tragedy is only averted because the childminder spots the danger and grabs her hand.

The shocking incident, which happened in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, yesterday morning, has been reported to police and the local council, which licenses cabbies.

The clip was captured by a driver who stopped at the crossing to let the childminder across. The woman, known as Renante, is pushing a very young child in a pram.

A young boy is walking on the other side of the pram and a three-year-old. Willow Breslin, is closest to the camera.

Willow begins to run but Renante, alarm suddenly visible on her face, reaches out to grab her just in time.

The group, halfway across the road, are just a few feet from a taxi which overtakes the dashcam vehicle and drives over the crossing at speed.

Even more disturbing, the incident happened about 40 metres from the entrance to St Clare’s RC primary.

Willow’s father, Anthony Breslin, 40, posted the clip on Facebook yesterday writing: “Absolutely fuming this taxi driver overtakes a static car on zebra crossing and nearly knocks my daughter over if it wasn’t for the quick-minded child minder.

“I want his licence ripped up this was outside busy school top of Trimdon Avenue earlier today.”

Other users were just as angry about the incident.

Denise Barrass wrote: “This is terrible – the child could have been knocked down. That driver needs reporting and banned from driving.”

Mandy Wilson wrote: “Totally agree and f****** deserves banning or sentencing for that. A little boy or girl might not be so lucky next time. So glad your daughter is safe.”

Valerie Smith wrote: “Should be prosecuted.”

Jason Borg wrote: “The childminder also saved the little girl by pulling her back. What the hell was the taxi driver doing? What an idiot.”

Stephen Brown wrote: “What a piece of s***. I’d kill the b******. Poor lass must have had a fright.”

Speaking today Anthony, a plasterer, said: “It was crazy driving, and it’s such a busy road anyway. All the kids are local and usually they walk to school.

“Luckily, Willow is fine, I don’t think she really realised what had happened and how significant it was.

Anthony with his daughter Willow, who was almost mowed down by the careless driver

“My wife had just dropped our other two kids off at school, then Renante collected Willow from her at the school to take her home.

“She tried to pull the taxi driver up about the incident when she saw him further down the road but he just shook it off and went on his way.”


Boro Cars today confirmed their driver had been suspended and that they had reported him to police.

Director Christine Bell said: “We are horrified by the driving displayed in the video. Although the driver, who owns his own vehicle, was not working as a private hire driver at the time of this incident, we have been able to identify him.

“We have suspended the driver from working and reported him to the police and Middlesbrough Council, the regulating body which has licensed him as a private hire driver.

“We hope that the police and Middlesbrough Council will act as swiftly as we have to deal with this matter, because driving of this nature is wholly unacceptable.”

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that we have received a report and that it is being looked into”.

The childminder’s quick thinking averted a tragedy

Food Service engineer, Mark Anderson, 44, who captured the footage said: “It was just disgraceful driving. People like that shouldn’t have a licence.

“If the childminder hadn’t been on the ball and spotted the car and grabbed the little girl she would have been in front of the car, it could have been a totally different story.

He was definitely doing over 20mph, I would say he was pushing 30.”

Steve Horton, Director of Communication at Road Safety GB said: “This driver’s behaviour appears absolutely outrageous and I would have every sympathy for the pedestrians and the father of the child in the video.

“Whilst pedestrians have to ensure traffic has stopped before attempting to cross, they have every right to expect drivers to obey the law.

“Clearly the speedy actions of the adult prevented a very nasty incident and it illustrates the need for pedestrians to stay vigilant even if they are on a crossing.

An RAC spokesman said: “This is a shocking piece of dashcam footage which highlights the dangers posed by selfish and irresponsible drivers.

“No driver let alone, a professional taxi driver, should be allowed to get away with such reckless behaviour putting young vulnerable lives at risk.

“Sadly this is an all too common sight on our roads.”


A Middlesbrough Council spokesman said: “We are grateful to Boro Taxis for bringing this incident to our attention.

“We are investigating as a matter of urgency, and are liaising with Cleveland Police.”