Friday, May 20, 2022
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Shocking moment “drunk” teen shoots beer can off pal’s head with powerful bow

SHOCKING video shows the moment a teenager has a beer can shot off his head with a powerful bow and arrow.

The can, perched sideways on the youngster’s head, is pinned to the wall behind by the force of the arrow.

The stunt was filmed on Tuesday night at a house party in Wexford, Ireland.

Tristen White, 19, tries to balance a beer can horizontally on Paddy Ruski’s head.

After that proves difficult, Tristen goes for the even riskier option of balancing it sideways on the head of Paddy, 19, who he only met that night.

Paddy covers his eyes as Tristen, who has downed a “crate” of beer, lines up the shot from about 4ft away.

At this point female voices can be heard gasping and saying “Oh my god” before the shot is fired.

The arrow, travelling almost too fast to be seen, penetrates the can about an inch above Paddy’s head.

The next moment the arrow is quivering in the wall behind Paddy as the can revolves on the shaft.

Paddy can then be seen taking his hands away from his face as he laughs along with the rest of the revellers heard in the background.

The entire room can be heard erupting in delight at the lucky shot while a proud Tristen is shown at the end shouting “woah” before casually drinking his beer.

Tristen shared the remarkable clip on his Facebook page on Tuesday captioned “Modern Day Robin Hood”.

Paddy laughs along with the other revellers after the lucky shot hit the can

The clip has since been viewed over 50,000 times and attracted hundreds of comments.

Dominic Pryor said: “This could have went so wrong.”

Nioclás Ó Murchú wrote: “Not a cat in hells chance would I be the one sitting with the can on my head anyway. I wouldn’t care if it was Jean Claude Van Damme with the bow and arrow. F*** that.”

Craig Sorensen said: “If he had a missed he would be up for murder..silly f***er on the chair has no brains.”

Bradley Kitson wrote: “The guy who has the can on his head has some balls.”

And William Wardrop said: “Offt crazy b****** man.”

Dylan Samas wrote: “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Nick Sim said: “Seriously f*** that.”

And Josh Cooper wrote: “Stupido.”

Speaking today Tristen said: “I had the bow and arrow and was shooting objects off my target I have for it, things like lighters and balloons.

“I said it to Paddy after drinking a crate of cheap Budweiser and he said ‘if you hit me just give me 20 euro’,

“I shook his hand and tried to get the can to stand up straight but it wouldn’t stand up straight so I put it sideways.

“I think everyone was surprised I hit the can but for the record I would never do it again or encourage anyone to try it and I definitely wouldn’t have attempted it sober!”

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