Transgender Lotto millionaire plans to do a “Derren Brown” and become stage hypnotist


TRANSGENDER Lotto Millionaire Melissa Ede is planning to follow in Derren Brown’s footsteps and become a famous hypnotist.

The 57-year-old, who scooped £4m on a scratchcard in December, hopes to be known as “Mesmerising Melissa” on stage.

Melissa, from Hull, this week passed an official online “Hypnosis for Beginners” course which is run by accredited Hypnotherapy Trainer & Clinical Supervisor, Dan Jones.

The course – which costs £59 – states that students will “understand the process of doing hypnotic inductions and communicate hypnotically in everyday situations”.

Melissa, formerly Les, decided to take the course just two days after attending The Best of Derren Brown: Underground live show at Hull New Theatre with her partner Rachel Nason.

The former taxi driver revealed her new career path on her Facebook page on Monday by sharing an image of her qualification, captioned: “The first stage of becoming mesmerising Melissa.”

When asked by a follower if she plans to do live shows, she replied: “Yeah”.

Lotto winner Melissa completed the online hypnosis course

The certificate, obtained on website, Of Course, reads: “This is to certify that Melissa Ede has successfully completed the course Hypnosis for Beginners. Score 100%.”

The certificate is then signed by course teacher, Dan Jones alongside the date April 23 2018.

Dozens of Melissa’s Facebook followers have commented on her post, supporting her new path.

Ann Martin wrote: “Wow you’re amazing.”

Steve Rimmer said: “Will you be doing live shows? You would be fab at it!”

And Cindy Stump wrote: “I need help to stop smoking. We will have to do it long distance…practice then hook me up!”

The 57-year-old hopes to do live shows and follow in the footsteps of Derren Brown

The course details online state: “This hypnosis for beginners course will teach you the process of doing hypnotic inductions and how to hypnotise anyone without the need for hypnosis scripts.

“The course comprises of video lectures and demonstrations of hypnotic inductions with real subjects.

“It is broken down into the stages which are important to consider when doing hypnotic inductions and therapeutic hypnosis.

“Dan Jones is a teacher and an author with in a number best-selling hypnosis & hypnotherapy books. He has over 20 years experience and teaches you what you need to know to be able to hypnotise anyone without the need for hypnosis scripts.

“This course is ideal for beginners to the field of hypnosis who are just starting out and wanting to get the best start at how to do hypnosis on others, or those with limited prior hypnosis experience.

“With this course you will understand the process of doing hypnotic inductions and communicate hypnotically in everyday situations!”

Melissa, who has four children aged between 19 and 39, had gender reassignment surgery in 2011 and has become a local celebrity in her home city of Hull after her big windfall.

She also posts bizarre videos online with items such as a bottle of mayonnaise hanging from her chest.

In her latest video she has also filmed herself dancing around with lollipops and margarita pizzas stuck to her breasts.

In February it was revealed that Melissa had spent over £3,000 on a new look after getting cheek fillers, botox, lip fillers, the removal of “superficial layers of skin”, a brow lift and fillers under her eyes to remove dark circles, and “under-eye plumping”.