Hilarious moment egg-throwing vigilante gives yobs instant karma


A HILARIOUS video shows a man armed with eggs returning fire at yobs who pelted passing pedestrians with coins and food.

The thrower – whose aim would probably get him in the England cricket team – manages to hurl an egg around 40ft through an partially open door to get a direct hit.

The yobs got a taste of their own medicine after bombarding passers-by from a first floor balcony in Widnes, Cheshire, on Saturday.

Sam Walker and a pal, both from Liverpool, were shopping in the town and decided to turn vigilante.

Sam, 34, uploaded the clip with the caption: “We see the local skalls throwing things at people from the balcony so decide to get some eggs and give them a taste of their own medicine.”

The footage, which has been viewed almost 460,000 times, begins with two men, wearing dark jackets, visible in a balcony above a pharmacy.

On the street below, Sam films as his friend, who has not been identified, curls his arm back to prepare to launch the egg at the men.

He can be heard saying, “Come here then, come say something” as he throws the egg at the two men.

Sam laughs as a loud crack can be heard when the egg hits the flat’s window, and one of the men on the balcony can be heard saying: “F****** k***head.”

The man on the ground prepares to launch a second egg – and throws it so hard he almost loses balance and ends up teetering on one leg.

The egg miraculously curls at the exact moment the two men on the balcony head for cover – and follows them through the door, appearing to hit one of the men in the back.

The thrower hurls the egg 40ft from the ground

On social media, Niall said: “Second egg was a headshot. Haha go on lad.”

Peter Mac EFC added: “Wouldn’t have a snowball fight with this fella, what a shot.”

Andy Davies suggested: “He should be playing for the England cricket team with that kind of throw.”

Spencer Evans commented: “You should be in the Olympics mate with accuracy like that.”

Sean Gallagher added: “Judging by the second shot there’s a pitching career in Major League Baseball waiting for you.”

Tom Millington said: “Some serious marksmanship this.”

Andy wrote: “Hell of a shot. That takes practice. Skall.”

Phil Crowther added: “He’s a bloody good shot, would make a good fielder.”

While Lee said simply: “That arm…”

The egg hits one of the yobs in the back

Speaking today, Sam said: “We pulled up at the shops and they were throwing bits of food and one pence coins at people who were walking past. As we got out they stopped.

“We walked into the shop and as we walked out they were doing it again to people so I decided to go back into the shop and get some eggs and give them some karma.

“So the video camera comes out and they get pelted with eggs. They run in and never seen again. They were egged at least six times in total. You can see the egg on the windows and on them.

“There’s one rule I always go by. You never target working class people or people less fortunate than yourself. These guys were stood on a balcony just targeting normal everyday civilians, so had to get their karma.”