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Opening a Forex Trading Account in U.K. – Tips to manage your account


Throughout the U.K, brokers and trading firms offer different types of online trading account and leverage setups. So, for a trader, there are some factors that you need to consider before opening an account with any broker or trading firm in U.K. some of these factors include the style of trading, the amount of investment capital that is available and your appetite for risk. So, I want to take a moment in this article and give my two cents when it comes to your trading account.

Having a proper account capitalization

This refers to having an adequately funded forex trading account to manage risks, place and hold trades. For instance, if you have a small amount of capital to invest, then you should consider opening an account that offers you the flexibility that you need to trade with the small amount. In this case, you might consider opening a mini or micro trading account.

Having a properly funded account offers you many benefits. With a properly funded account, you can recover faster after a period of drawdown. On the other hand, with an insufficiently funded account, it will be challenging to improve when losses come knocking. It would be unrealistic to believe that you will operate a forex trading account UK without moments of losses.

Developing leverage and risk guidelines

Firstly, you need to realize that leverage allows a forex trader to manage a large number of currency volumes in a trade without the need to fund the full amount of trade. In the recent developments, forex brokers in the U.S are limited to leverage of 50:1. This limit leverage does not, however, affect non-US brokers.

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The amount of money that a trader requires to open trade is determined by the leverage level set up by the forex broker. If you have a higher leverage level, then you only require a small dollar amount to launch trade. Leverage increases your ability to control a higher amount of trade with a small investment. But you also need to realize that when you have higher leverage, then you are exposed to bigger potential risks.

Just because you control a massive amount of trade using this leverage does not mean that you should expose your margin account to the highest risk. Exposing yourself to the maximum risk increases your chances of being swept clean of your capital.

In addition, you should also develop risk management guidelines while engaging in forex trading. When we talk about risk, we are talking about the amount of money you are willing to lose in case the trade does not favor you.

Most of the reputable traders develop two risk guidelines. In the first guideline, they determine the amount of money they are willing to risk on any single trade. In the second risk guideline, they determine the amount of money they are willing to risk when conducting multiple trades.

Developing an acceptable risk

Many people could be wondering what acceptable risk is. Acceptable risk is quite different for everyone, and it depends on an individual’s appetite for risks. It is important to keep you acceptable risk as low as possible. Acceptable risk determines the maximum losses that you are willing to incur. This, therefore, means that in every trade, you should keep your risks at their lowest.

Forex trading can be profitable when done the right way. It requires an individual to invest much time. Lucky enough, numerous resources can help you to start forex trading. You can find a host of online tutorials from established experts on trading techniques that can guarantee you money.

If you lack time to learn every bit of forex trading, you can engage the services of an established forex broker. Always ensure that you hire a reputable broker who has an established track record. A reputable broker should be in a position to guide you in every aspect of forex trading.