Thursday, August 18, 2022
NewsDopey drug dealer ridiculed online after cheating himself out of £10 in...

Dopey drug dealer ridiculed online after cheating himself out of £10 in Snapchat special offer

A DOPEY Scots drug dealer has been ridiculed online – for being rubbish at maths.

The mathematically-challenged dealer offered customers a special deal on Snapchat special offer – £40 for half a gram and £90 for a gram.

A social media user spotted the howler and tweeted the snapchat with the caption: “Two halves please mate.”

The post, by @connornugent, believed to be from Glenrothes, Fife, has been retweeted more than 1,000 times with social media users calling for the dealer to take a maths “refresher” course.

Users were commenting “quick maths.”

The original Snapchat picture shows eight small ziplock plastic bags containing white powder, believed to be cocaine, laying on a bed.

The snapchat picture has a black line across it with the caption: “Pure in £40 a half £90 a G.”

After @connornugent’s tweet, one social media user wrote: “Hahahahaha class man I pulled him up about it too.”

@connornugent replied: “Boys needin’ tae take a wee refresher course in maths I think.”

A user called Thomas asked: How’s the profit going? And added two laughing emojis.

Nooj had a few grammar mishaps of his own.

Pete Byrne wrote:: “Doh ball man lol”

Brian Joyce wrote: “Hahahaha f*** sake man.”

Scott Taylor and several other users simply wrote: “Quick maths.” – referring to Big Shaq’s song ‘Man’s not hot’, where the rapper sings ‘two plus two thats four, minus one that’s three. Quick maths.’

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