Hysterical moment drunk stag do Scot gets compulsory rescue from knee-deep pool by fed-up lifeguard


A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a very fed-up lifeguard “rescued” a drunk stag do Scot from a knee-deep swimming pool.

Christopher “Eddie” Dunlop chucked himself into the pool and then floated face-down and immobile.

Eventually, an obviously jaded life saver waded into the water and tried to rescue Christopher, from Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire.

As his pals laugh hysterically, and Christopher shows little sign of wanting to be saved, the lifeguard grabs him by the neck and forces him on to his back before hauling him out.

The poolside hilarity reaches a crescendo as the Scot is put in recovery position by his grudging saviour.

Christopher was part of a group of 14 stags staying in Marbella, Spain. Fellow partygoer Mark Docherty, who filmed the clip, posted the footage with the caption: “Dunny dunlop drowning.”

The clip has already been viewed a staggering 112,000 times since it was posted to Facebook yesterday.

The clip begins with Mark talking to Christopher and another stag at the poolside of their hotel.

Within seconds Christopher, wearing bright blue shorts with yellow rubber ducks on them, takes off and runs towards the pool.

He leaps in the water and makes a giant splash as his fellow partygoers laugh.

Christopher then plays dead in the knee-deep water, lying on his front motionless.

The camera then pans to the begrudging security guard wades into the pool towards Christopher.

As the Scot splashes and pretends to be unable to get up, while his friends laugh heartily in the background, the lifeguard reaches down and pulls him up.

The lifeguard grabs Christopher by the neck when he tries to walk away, sending him back down into the water.

The lifeguard then grabs Christopher by the arms and drags him backwards to the side of the pool.

When Christopher’s friends realise what’s happening they end up screeching with laughter and joking that he’s going to be put in the recovery position.

Christopher’s friends couldn’t stop laughing when the lifeguard put him in the recovery position

When Christopher realises what’s happening, he puts his hands over his mouth in an attempt to stifle his laughter.

The lifeguard then pulls Christopher up and puts him on his side in the recovery position.

The camera then switches to a table full of the stags who are in stitches at their friend, while Mark giggles uncontrollably from behind the camera.

Mark can barely contain himself as the lifeguard continues, screaming: “He’s in the recovery position.”

Speaking today, Mark said: “We couldn’t believe the lifeguard came in the pool as the water was only knee deep.

“When he got put in the recovery position the boys were falling off their chairs in stitches.”

On social media, Lauren Hamil said: “The lifeguard is raging.”

David Wright commented: “That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.”

Sean McDougle wrote: “F****** gold!”

Hayley Nicolson said: “I could actually watch this all day.”

Alexander Mcneil added: “Drowning in a two foot pool haha. Class.”

Lauren Hoey said: “I actually belly laughed at this.”