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News"Oshaa hoor!" Scots' bizarre reaction to scare prank baffles internet

“Oshaa hoor!” Scots’ bizarre reaction to scare prank baffles internet

A SCOT’S bizarre reaction to being snuck up on by a friend has left the internet completely baffled.

Matthew Clark was pottering about in his kitchen when a friend filmed himself sneaking up from behind.

Matthew, 18, from Leven, Fife, reacted by raising his fist and yelling: “Oshaa hoor!”

The clip has been watched so far by 400,000 people – none of whom have the faintest idea what, if anything, his weird verbal outburst means.

Prankster Callum Massey, 18, uploaded the clip with the caption: “Sneaked in to Matty’s house without him knowing, and this was the outcome.”

The clip begins with groundworker Callum slowly sneaking into Matthew’s kitchen and popping his head round.

Matthew can be seen pottering around in the kitchen in front of the oven and putting things away – oblivious to his pal’s presence.

As Callum begins to giggle, Matthew begins to catch on that he’s not alone.

He suddenly turns from the hob, raises his right hand into a fist and shouts: “Oshaa hoor.”

When Matthew realises it’s his friend, he continues in slightly easier to follow terms: “I’ll f****** pagger the life out of you m***o.

“I f****** bricked masel.”

Callum then launches into hysterics as the clip ends.

But viewers of the clip, many of them Scottish, wanted to know one thing.

User Ben asked: “Wtf does he say? Ahahaha.”

Scott Curtis said: “Wit language is he speaking man?”

Andi commented: “Can you translate this video for me please?”

Layla wrote: “Omg omg. What did he even say?”

Sir Alonne added: “All I could hear was I’L FOOKIN BROKENJAA LOIFE JU MONGOLL.”

Danield33154738 joked: “Whooooshaaahooo.”

While Emma Donnell said: “Best accent ever.”

Matthew’s reaction baffled social media users

Several people tweeted a picture of comedian Limmy from his infamous video in which he mocks Scottish east coast accents.

Speaking today, Callum attempted to shed light on his pal’s outburst.

He said: “’Oshaa hoor’ – it just means like ‘OMG’.

“It’s just a bit of slang from our area.”

He added: “Basically, I knew he was in his house himself so thought I’d pop round to see him.

“But, when i got there I just thought I’d sneak in and give him a fright.”

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