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NewsBizarre video shows skull-masked biker try to intimidate fellow motorist

Bizarre video shows skull-masked biker try to intimidate fellow motorist

BIZARRE video captured the moment a masked motorcylist stops in front of a car and tries to “intimidate” another motorist.

The biker, wearing a skull mask and no helmet, stalls the bike in between two cars at a give way – before giving a thumbs up to the dash cam driver.

The masked man, wearing jogging bottoms and a black top, revs the unregistered bike before careering off onto a pedestrian footpath.

Road safety campaigners have urged police to take the issue of unregistered motorbike riders more seriously.

Social media users were shocked by the strange behaviour, and accused the biker of trying to “intimidate” the dash cam driver.

The clip appears as police forces around the country struggle with a scourge of off-road bikers causing chaos on and off the roads.

The footage was captured at the junction of Drovers War and West Street in Dunstable, Bedfordshire on Wednesday the 25th of April.

The clip begins as dash cam driver Simon Cotogno pulls up to a give way behind a red Seat.

Within seconds a motorcyclist can be seen pulling in to the other side of the road, but instead of continuing on – he pulls up in front of Simon’s vehicle.

As Simon pulls up closer, it becomes clear that the motorcyclist is wearing a skull mask over his face – with no helmet to be seen.

The masked rider pulls in front of Simon, and stalls the unregistered bike.

He gestures at Simon, raising his hand and tries to rev the bike back to life.

As he tries to do so, he bizarelly gives Simon a thumbs up and intimidatingly stares at him before he speeds off – into a pedestrian footpath.

On social media, Paul Fogarty said: “It’s only a matter of time until he mucks up himself or gets caught.”

Roger Thompson asked: “I’m not sure though what you did to deserve all that?”

While Matthew Bonner added: “No helmet = don’t care. Riding on the path = don’t care. Loking like a mug and trying to intimidate = should have got out your car and kicked his head in.”

Bizarrely the rider gives the dashcam driver a thumbs up

While David Newby said: “F**k that Paul break his legs. The police will slap his hand, take his bike and he will be free to steal another bike and terrorise the community.”

While Josh Hussain asked: “Is that it? In Bradford there are f*s doing wheelies through red lights in rush hour.”

And David Sharples said simply: “Another organ donor.”

Speaking today, a resigned Simon said: “It’s a shame they know that the police either can’t or won’t do anything about it.”

A spokesman for SWD Media, who obtained the footage, said today: “The bike appears to be an off-road bike as it has no number plate, meaning the masked rider has no worries about being identified.

“It’s clear this off-road biker knows he’s up to no good otherwise he wouldn’t be wearing the mask.

“The use of unregistered bikes, by untrained riders on public roads and pavements seems to be a common problem throughout the UK.

“I urge police to unmask these individuals and take necessary action.”

The bike appeared to be an off-road motorcycle with no plates

A spokeswoman for Bedfordshire Police said: “Riding an off-road vehicle in a park, public place or common land is an offence and poses danger to members of the public.

“Bedfordshire Police has a dedicated response to nuisance and off-road biking, known as Operation Meteor.

“We would encourage anyone with any information about activity in their area to report a description of the rider, the bike and where the incident happened, either via 101 or by visiting

“This clip has been passed on to the Operation Meteor team as intelligence.”

Last month, Nottinghamshire Police introduced quad bikes to their fleet of vehicles in an attempt to crack down on off-road biking in Newark.

While police in Edinburgh were given four new off-road motorbikes to be used by officers dealing with anti-social behaviour and theft.

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