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Hilarious video shows Hibs boss Lennon try out a new career – as a professional wrestler

HIBS manager Neil Lennon has decided to try out a new sport – professional wrestling.

A Facebook video shows the former Celtic skipper slapping Insane Championship Wrestling star David McCallum, a.k.a Ravie Davie, on the chest after comically berating him for his performance in a charity match at Airdrie’s Excelsior Stadium on Saturday.

Lennon was taking part in the event after rounding off a successful season in charge of Hibernian, where they finished 4th in their return to the top flight.

The game was played in aid of St. Andrew’s Hospice and featured both ex-pro footballers and a variety of celebrities from television and film, including Stephen Purdon and Jordan Young of BBC’s River City.

There were also appearances from Still Game trio Scott Reid, known for playing ‘Methadone Mick’, Matt Costello, behind the character ‘Stevie the Bookie’, and Taggart actor Colin McCredie, who made a guest appearance in the most recent series of the BBC Scotland hit comedy.

The ex-pros included former Rangers bosses Ally McCoist and Graeme Souness.

In the 38-second video, McCallum, known as the ‘Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square’ talks about being subbed on for one of his ‘heroes’ and introduces Lennon into the video.

McCallum said Lennon was watching and asked the Northern Irishman how he felt he had got on.

Lennon then hilariously retorted: “F******g rubbish! You couldn’t trap a bag of cement.”

The grappler reacts bemusedly at Lennon’s assessment of his performance where he also accused him of costing their team the game after he had come on to the pitch.

Lennon then poked McCallum in the chest and sternly said: “You need to sort yourself out son, sort your life out, if you want to make it in the professional game.”

The video, uploaded by Insane Championship Wrestling, shows Lennon berating Ravie Davie about his footballing ability

To end the video, Lennon left a mark on the wrestler by slapping him on the chest and McCallum is shown exclaiming in pain.

McCallum had been slapped in the same area in a separate video by ex-Celtic, Dundee and Scotland goalkeeper Rab Douglas, which also featured ICW founder Mark Dallas, both of whom also took part in the match.

The slap is known in the professional wrestling world as a ‘chop’ and was popularised by American star Ric Flair in the 1970s and 80s.

The video shows Lennon slapping McCallum in the style of a wrestling ‘chop’

Facebook fans of the Glasgow-based wrestling company chimed in with their reactions to the video.

Angus Macphee said: “What a hero.”

Whilst James Corless chipped in saying: “He’s a legend.”

Even fans of Neil Lennon’s rivals thought the video was hilarious.

Ian Milne commented: “Haha love this and that’s coming from a Rangers fan.”

Other viewers coined new nicknames for Lennon.

Nick McClaren called him “The Byres Road Brawler”.

John Dick named him “Stone Cold Steve Ashton Lane”, a nod to wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.

McCallum and Mark Dallas are gearing up for their next wrestling event at the Garage nightclub in Glasgow, entitled ‘ICW: Drunk And Drunker’, on Sunday the 17th of June.Hilarious video shows Hibs boss Lennon try out a new career – as a professional wrestler

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