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“On her way to Love Island” – Bizarre video captured woman in bikini and black boots

A BIZARRE video captured the moment a woman strutted down a busy road – wearing only a bikini and a pair of black boots.

A male voice can be heard laughing as he shouts at the woman from his car asking her what she’s doing.

The clip has already racked up more than 500,000 views on Facebook, with viewers bewildered at the woman’s motives – some suggesting she must be “on her way to Love Island”.

The clip was filmed in Wath-upon-Dearne on Friday showing the middle-aged women boldy walking down the street in just a multi-coloured bikini and a pair of boots.

I was later uploaded onto Facebook with the caption “Only in Wath” followed by a series of laughing emojis.

The clip begins with the car slowing down as they spot the blonde woman strutting down the street wearing the bikini.

Two men, who are filming from a car ask her what she is doing and she replies that she is “just walking home with my bikini on”.

The woman continues to walk on unphased as the men jokingly shout: “Tenerife init?”

Facebook users remarked that the middle-aged woman must be on her way to Love Island

They then speed off saiying she is “f***ing sexy as f***!” as the women continues her journey unabated.

Facebook users reacted with a mixture of bemusement and laughter.

Kira Roberts wrote: “Omg hahahaha.”

Jodi Jade said: “Tickled me mate.”

Josh Woolhse commented: “Off to Love Island.”

Chloe Wieckowska wrote: “On her way to Love Island.”

Lauren Sarreas-Webb asked: “What on earth?”

Jessica Webster said: “The shoes though.”

Luke Stevens wrote: “Hahaha she’s in Tenerife.”

Becci Louise added: “I love everything about her. She does not give a flying f***.”

The man who uploaded the clip, but wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I was just driving past, I’m not exactly sure what she was doing.

“She was outside Tesco the following day, probably went for bit of shopping.

“She still had the bikini on the next day in the rain.

“But she did chuck a raincoat on.”

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