Astonished Celtic fan finds four-leaf clover badge used by New York construction firm.-Scottish Football News


AN astonished Celtic fan stumbled across an almost exact replica of his team’s logo – on a building site in New York.

Jim Duffy, from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, was on holiday in the US when he noticed a construction company’s logo bearing an astounding resemblance to the famous Celtic design.

Jim sent the pictures which show a workman wearing a bright yellow top with the four-leaf clover logo on the front to his footie-daft son Reece.

Instead of reading “Celtic Football Club, 1888” the top hilariously reads “Fitzcon Construction, 2005”.

And that isn’t the only place the logo was emblazoned, with it also featuring on the side of a vehicle on site.

Unable to contain himself, Jim’s son Reece shared the pictures on Twitter with the caption: “My dads just walked past a building site in New York and that’s their logo. F****** unreal.”

The 20-year-old’s post already has over 4,600 likes since it was posted yesterday evening.

Builder comes across replica four leaf clover logo on construction site of his favoured club-Scottish Football News
A Fitzcon construction worker in NYC.

Social media users quickly jumped on the post which quickly went viral among hoops fans.

Crazy Danizzle asked: “Is that allowed? Pretty they’re in breach of copyright.”

Paddy Hussein added: “No mate, in 1997 the Celtic directors decided to give the crest/logo of the club to the fans, in what’s called ‘a forever gift’ and therefore can be used for tattoos, company logos etc.”

Stephen Gaston commented: “You mean I could get paid to wear this as a uniform? Where do I sign?”

Seanzolio wrote: “Brilliant.”

Trey Mendous added: “Flattering but illegal.”

Nick Chippendale joked: “2005? Still older than Rangers.”

While Esther said: “Pure Class.”

Speaking today, Jim Duffy, 49, said: “I was walking between Little Italy and Ground Zero when I spotted it. The guy didn’t know why I was taking a picture of him.

Builder comes across replica four leaf clover logo on construction site of his favoured club-Scottish Football News
Jimmy Duffy who spotted the shared logo

“But there was an Irish guy working there and he knew why, I did explain to him.

“I think the owner of the company is Irish, their uniform had the tricolour down one side and the American flag on the other.

“It was weird, I work in construction as a joiner so it was a bit of a coincidence.

“There’s actually quite a few companies over there who have Celtic branding.”