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Supermarkets targeted by Christian group over prominent display of Fifty Shades “filth”

A CONTROVERSIAL Christian group have blasted supermarkets for “promoting 18-rated erotica” at the front of their stores.

Christian Concern have urged members of the public to complain if they spot advertisements for Fifty Shades Freed DVD.

The organisation shared a photograph on Wednesday of a cardboard display stand in an Sainsbury’s branch advertising the third installment from the Fifty Shades franchise for £10.

They wrote: “Does Sainsbury’s think that it’s appropriate to promote 18-rated erotica at the front of its stores at children’s eye-level?”

Including a link to Sainsbury’s website, they added: “If anyone has seen these displays and would like to complain, you can do so through this link.”

Christian Concern were not impressed with the DVD’s at “children’s eye level.”

The post attracted dozens of comments from furious members on the Facebook page who revealed that some stores had started moving them following complaints.

Nick Tiffin said: “Clearly it does. Fifty shades of stupid.”

Steve Courtney wrote: “Just did my bit in Asda Living Peterborough. It was right at the top of the stairs – the entrance to childrenswear. The duty manager was understanding.”

Liz Shearer said: “I did call into Sainsbury’s today and spoke with the manager of non foods about my concerns.

“She had at least put the stand facing away from the entrance and into the shop rather than having it ‘greet’ customers as they walk in.

“She was very appreciative of my point of view and she said that even though Head Office are the ones to decide these matters, she herself took the decision to put the stand in a much less obvious place.

“She did say tho that sales for the DVD had been monumental – not that she would ever watch it herself.”

Liz Shearer was also not happy about the situation

Colin Suter wrote: “My old granny used to say: ‘Filth is Filth, no matter how you dress it up…’.

Elaine Hope said: “This is shameful. We need better standards in our world for our children.

“Sad, Tesco & Sainsburys very sad. In a suitable place if you have to have them.”

Paeppchen Kapunkt wrote: “If we don’t protect our children it is them that will pay the price, not you, nor me or the supermarket.

“Sainsbury should move this kind of movie into a protected adult area where children have no access to them.”

Waiel Logos said: “This is absolutely unacceptable and morally wrong.”

And John Smith wrote: “Western liberalism is over secularised, over sexed and over here.”

Christian Concern are a Christian evangelical organisation who say their aim is to introduce a “Christian voice” into law, the media and government.

Earlier this year, they failed in a bid to take Alfie Evans to Italy for treatment.

Elaine Hope believes “we need better standards for our children.”

In 2013 their founder Andrea Minichiello Williams reportedly angered gay rights campaigners by suggesting olympic swimmer Tom Daley is gay because his father died.

They promote strong views on issues including abortion, adoption, marriage and end of life.

Fifty Shades Freed is the third film to come out of the Fifty Shades novels written by E.L James.

The film follows main characters Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan, and Anastasia Steele played by Dakota Johnson, as the couple marry and are harrassed by Ana’s former boss.

It was released on DVD on May 8 this year

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