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The Most Shocking and Crazy Bets in History

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There is no doubt that betting is more than just a quick way of making money but also an easy way to get an adrenaline rush and last but not least, a form of entertainment.

So, when a bet involves any shocking or seemingly impossible feats, the whole concept becomes even more interesting. For some, betting on NASCAR or following the football champion’s league is just not enough.

They have pushed the envelope and are now remembered for the hilarious yet extreme challenges that they have taken part in.

(C) Unknown. The man with the $100,000 breasts, Brian “The Wiz” Zembic.

Brian Zembic – The Man with the $100,000 Breasts

Probably the most memorable wager in history is the one between Canadian Brian Zembic and his friends, a bet in which he was challenged to get breast implants. His friends, who said they would pay him $100,000, were shocked when they realized Zembic went under the knife for 38C implants.

Although to some people, his actions may seem like a desperate way of making some money, those who know him well say that Zembic’s motivation was totally different. This magician was no stranger to wild nights of the classic version of Blackjack, or crazy dares from his friends, having a reputation as a man who would never shy away from anything, not even living in a restroom for one month.

Maybe the proof that the money was not the only motivation was the fact that Zembic kept the implants for 20 years, eventually taking them out in 2016.

James Randi and His Disbelief in Magic Tricks

However, Zembic is not the only magician who was attracted to the world of gambling. James Randi has also earned a spot in betting history by offering one million dollars to anyone who is able to bring any relevant proof of paranormal activity.

With such a massive prize at stake, it is only natural that a lot of “charlatans” tried to fool Randi, but the highly skeptical magician managed to debunk all the tricks presented to him. One case that caught the attention of the media was that of self-proclaimed psychic James Hydrick, who claimed he could move objects with his mind through techniques learned from an old Chinese master.

After one year in the spotlight, he decided to give Randi’s bet a go and prove to him that his abilities are worthy of the prize. As a guest on Bob Barker’s television show “That’s My Line,” he tried to move the pages of a telephone book and a pencil without touching either of them.

This turned out to be a poor career move for Hydrick whose act was completely shattered by Randi. The latter claimed that it is critical for the younger generation to know that such “powers” are merely a trick, otherwise, they will “not be raised in such a way that they can deal with a rational, logical, real world.”

(C) Sgerbic: Tribute photo for James Randi’s legendary beard at TAM9 in 2011.

The Race Between a Simple Butcher and the Earl of Barrymore

An equally intriguing challenge was that between a simple butcher and Richard Barry, the 7th Earl of Barrymore. The oddity of the challenge comes from the fact that the butcher, known as Mr. Bullock and who was quite overweight, said that he could win a footrace against the Earl, a man known for his athleticism and was in better shape than his opponent.

With the confidence of being slim and more athletic, the Earl made a few mistakes that eventually caused him to lose the bet. Not only did he allow Bullock to choose the course, but he also gave him a 35-meter head start.

The butcher also had another ace up his sleeve — being allowed to choose the street for the race, he went for Black Lion Lane, a narrow street in London. Because his body covered the width of the street, the advantage the Earl confidently gave him, Bullock could not be surpassed.

Mr. Frostnova – The Man with the Longest Name
When it comes to choosing odd stakes for a bet, no one can do it better than the millennials. A case that stands as solid proof for this is that of a young man from New Zeeland, who in 2010, after losing a bet against his friends, changed his name to a 99-character combination of words, which is only one character short of what is legally accepted by New Zeeland’s Department of Internal Affairs.

Unbelievably, his new name is “Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova.” Even though the name-change request was approved right away, the man only found out about it four years later when his passport expired.

According to the authorities, they went through with the change because the requirements were met, and the form was filled in correctly. The department’s spokesperson suggested that if he wishes to do so, Mr. Frostnova can either keep the name, go back to his old one or even choose a crazier one by following the same process as before, without any complications whatsoever.

The Wager That Got Dr. Seuss to Write Books

The 50 words contained in Dr. Seuss’ story, classified by several uses.

One of the most well-known writers in the world, Dr. Seuss, also participated in a strange bet.  In 1960, the co-founder of the publishing company Random House challenged Dr. Seuss, then going by his real name, Theodor Geisel, to write a book using only 50 or less distinct words.

The amount of the bet was $50, which apparently, was never given to Geisel, even though he had successfully completed the challenge. However, Dr. Seuss could not complain, “Green Eggs and Ham,” the book that resulted from this silly bet ended up being his best-selling book.

These were just a few of the more outrageous wagers that happened throughout history. Of course, in the world of the ever-popular casino games, some unimaginable sums of money were thrown in to heighten the bets, but since tournament players do this rather often now, it has become more normal than not to see such bets.

Nevertheless, due to the instinct of competitivity and the desire for entertainment, some people will continue to involve themselves in crazy scenarios just for the fun of it.

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