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Top Sports Events to Bet On

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Top Sports Events to Bet On

We are social beings, and we would love to be part of live events, along with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of viewers. That’s what sports is all about, as the athletes and teams aren’t the only ones who can have fun, but the spectators as well.

One good way to do just that is by betting on sports games. But what sports?
Well, that’s what this article will talk about as we’re going to show you the best sports to bet on. After all, betting isn’t just about the amount of money you get, but it’s also about the thrill and the excitement you get as you cheer for your athlete or team

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FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, the biggest and most important competition in the football world, is upon us. And with it are the hopes of millions across the globe that their country’s team will dominate. Well, what happened at the start of the competition, was by all means, surprising.

England narrowly avoided defeat after winning by one goal during their 2-1 victory Tunisia. Everyone thought that the former champions would thrash the underdogs. Instead, what happened was a close call for them.

Spain also surprised everyone after dropping Coach Julen Lopetegui out of the team a day before the start of the tournament. They thought that having Fernando Hierro as the new manager would prove better.

However, the rest of the betting world thought otherwise as Spain’s odds of winning the tournament went from $6.5 to $7.5. But then again, then managed to come back to the favourites line after finishing a 3-3 draw with Portugal on their opener.

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Brazil is currently on top of the betting game as the Selecao has $11 odds to win the group, $2.10 to make it to the semi-finals, and $3.2 odds to dominate the tournament and win the title.

On other bookmakers, Brazil is the favourite to win the contest with 5.0 odds, followed by Spain with 5.75, France with 8.5, and Germany’s 9.0 odds. Belgium and Argentine trail them by 9.0 and 12.0 odds.


NBA 2018-19 Season

The 2017-18 NBA season is through with the Golden State Warriors once again reigning on top of the biggest basketball league in the world. It was a disappointing campaign for the aspiring GOAT (Greatest of All Time), LeBron James, after his team was swept clean by the Warriors 3-0 during the Finals.

Because of this, many expect the King to move out of Cleveland and settle elsewhere. As to where James will head next season, we still don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, and that he’ll head out to a better performing team.

The Warriors are atop the betting game for next season’s dominance as they have +125 odds to get another title. This, however, if it turns out as planned, would be a huge record as this had never been done since the Los Angeles Lakers had a three-peat in 2002.
The Lakers are listed as the most likely place where LeBron James would head next season. This would also be a huge change as this will change the balance of power between the Western and Eastern Conferences.

The Lakers had also been reported to have enough salary cap to accommodate James and another superstar, such as the highly rumoured Paul George. George might just be new to his new team, the Oklahoma City Thunders, but he still has a choice to opt out of the deal, become a free agent next season, and be a Laker.

Second on the top list of potential winners is the Houston Rockets with odds of +400, succeeded by Philadelphia 76ers +450 odds, and the Boston Celtics with +600. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers have +1600 odds to dominate the 2018 NBA Finals.
Surprisingly, the Lakers are above the Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs who both have +2500 odds.


2018 Melbourne Cup Greyhound

Here’s a sport that is perfect for dog lovers who are thrilled to be on sync with some race. The 2018 Melbourne Cup Greyhound event is one of the biggest greyhound races in the world this year.

The tide of power in the greyhound racing world is always changing. However, many expect the top favourite Poke the Bear to win this year’s title. With 35 starts in his career and having prize money of $165,110, there’s no doubt that this champion greyhound has the makings of a winner.

However, many punters also believe that the highly-aggressive My Redeemer won’t let that happen due to his recent victorious races in the months prior. My Redeemer currently has 11 odds, one score shy from Poke the Bear’s 10.

Dyna Patty is also leading the way for a likely overtake as he has 12 odds. Then there’s Chief’s Sidekick and Pindari Express who has 13 and 14 odds respectively. Miss Splendamiro also seeks to make it to the top spot, but his 15 odds seems short of any potential to reign supreme.

Nonetheless, all these greyhound racers are expected to overturn these odds, such as those in when the actual race commences.

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