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NewsBBC weather presenter gets bound to chair at gunpoint - for music...

BBC weather presenter gets bound to chair at gunpoint – for music video

VIDEO shows BBC weatherwoman Judity Ralston bound to a chair with guns pointed at her head – for a music video.

Judith took a brief break from her presenting duties to play a captured cop in the video for Scots funk band James Brown is Annie.

The video, inspired by 60s and 70s police dramas, was filmed for the release of their new single ‘Five Up High’.

The band from Edinburgh managed to draft in Judith and broadcaster Grant Stott to play parody characters of Emma Peel and John Steed, sleuths from the 60s TV series The Avengers.

The hilarious clip was filmed in a loft apartment on Commercial Street, looking out onto the Shore in Leith.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Aki Remally and guitarist Barry Gordon both play the ‘good cops’ in the video, while bassist Brett Allan plays the local drug kingpin.

Pianist Eddie Miller plays one of the corrupt cops, alongside drummer Scott Jamieson and saxophonist Jonny White.

Taking to Twitter, the band shared the behind-the-scenes clip of the video shoot with the caption: “JBiA’s Eddie Miller has the unfortunate task of having to tie up Judith Ralston during a scene for the Five Up High music video.”

The clip begins with Judith and Grant sitting back to back in the middle of a living room – while two ‘cops’ point guns at them.

Ralston, dressed all in black, and Stott, wearing a suit and bowler hat, are in good spirits as they joke with the band before the camera starts rolling.

After breaking into a tune, Ralston asks: “Am I going to be acting at this point?”

Piano player Eddie Miller jokingly replies: “Especially if you’re going to be singing at gunpoint.”

James Brown is Annie band members enjoying a sunny day on a roof in Leith

The camera starts rolling and Eddie, playing a corrupt cop, gets to work tying the pair up in rope.

Ralston and Stott jokingly shoogle as Eddie ties them up, saying: “Not too tight I hope.”

To which Ralston seductively replied: “Tighter.”

The crew laugh as she leans her head back on Stott and says: “Oh Steed, not again.”

On social media, Beinggodfordummies joked: “Tighter.”

Alan Chard added: “Lucky man.”

Beatlebud: “I see a nomination for Best Supporting Actress coming #tiemekangaroodownsport.”

While Nicholas Bruno asked: “How does one apply for this position?”

Ralston and Stott took on the role of Emma Peel and John Steed from the Avengers TV show

Speaking today, JBiA guitarist Barry Gordon said: “I’d known everyone’s favourite panto villain, Grant Stott, for quite a while so I reckoned he’d be perfect to play Steed.

“BBC Scotland’s Judith Ralston reminded me of what Emma Peel might look and sound like presenting the weather, so I had no doubts that they’d have the chemistry to pull off Steed and Peel’s flirtatious charisma.

“We shot Grant and Judith’s segments at a loft apartment on Commercial Street in Leith. It already had old-fashioned typewriters, phones and furniture in it.

“Without giving too much away, though, our famous sleuths become a bit unstuck when two corrupt cops kidnap them and tie them up – our electric piano player Eddie Miller plays one of the corrupt cops, so he had the unfortunate task of having to tie up Judith.

“As expected, though, both Judith and Grant always saw the funny side and I only wish we had more scenes with them both. Who knows, maybe they have a future together as detectives in a new TV series? They play off each other exceptionally well.”

The video will be released online on Friday July 13, the same day as the single’s release.

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