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Divorced couple meet for first time in three years – and stage Mexican standoff with son


A HILARIOUS video shows a divorced couple meet for the first time in three years – and stage a Mexican stand-off in the family home.

Allan and Denise Wright, together with their son Lee, pull imaginary six shooters on each other as the theme from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly plays in the background.

The couple had not met for three years but were happy to put aside their differences to make the funny clip.

Lee, 24, who shares the home in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, with Denise, 53, and his brother was planning to spend the day with his dad, also 53.

Lee, who is studying psychology and history at Glasgow University, said: “Basically my mum and dad are split up and that’s the first time they’ve been in the same house in at least 3 years.”

Lee improvised the gun gesture at the end.









Although the dialogue in the clip cannot be heard over the music, Lee explained that when his mum walks into the room she tells Allan: “Aw I see your back.”

Allan replies: “Yeah I am.”

Lee said: “That’s when I come in and say, “Well, this house isn’t big enough for the both of you’.

“My mum replies, ‘Looks like you’re leaving then Allan’.

”He goes, ‘We’ll see about that’.

“That’s when we all drew guns like it was a shootout.

“We planned a little bit of it but the finger guns at the end I improvised and they caught on well.”

Lee’s parents when they were still together.












Lee added: “They’ve always had their differences but they put on a good show for the kids. They just want to see us happy and they’ve both moved on and are with other people.”

The clip was sent by Lee to a friend, Holly Morgan, who posted it online with the caption: “Lee’s maw and dad haven’t been seen in the same house together in about four years. Wake up and sent me this. F***’s sake ha ha ha.”

Twitter users commented below the video, reacting with laughter and bemusement.

@ellis_lee_x wrote: “Ahhahahahahah”

@Tarabrowne3 commented: “Hahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahhahahahahaha”

@fadedgypsy said: “I love this.”

@MarkMcCluskey86 wrote: “That’s class I wasn’t expecting that.”

Lee later said: “Yeah was a decent day! Surprisingly yeah they got along enough and the video was made.

“Good for the family.”

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