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NewsDrunk Scot goes viral with hilarious pictures he posted to girl after...

Drunk Scot goes viral with hilarious pictures he posted to girl after finding her driving licence

A DRUNK Scots lad who sent hilarious pictures to a girl whose ID he found in the street has gone viral.

Nick Ward, 22, from Glasgow, balanced eggs on his eyes, pretended to talk into a high-heeled shoe and wore a gas mask in a bid to get the girl’s attention.

He took a series of hilarious snaps where he modelled with an umbrella and a sombrero, appears to have a dogs chew toy in his mouth and used his foot to hold the girl’s driving licence.

When Nick’s sister Amy decided to share the screenshots on Twitter the post quickly went viral and has already been like 25,000 times and retweeted 5,000.

Amy Ward posted the picture with the caption: “Ma brother found someone’s ID and added her on Facebook and mailed her aww this out his nut.”

Nick sent a series of hilarious images to Lauren

The first screenshot shows Nick, red-faced, lying down with a pink high-heeled shoe held to his ear.

Underneath the picture he wrote: “Hi Lauren. I think I have your card.”

The message was followed by a snapshot of Nick, again lying down, with two different coloured eggs balancing on his eyes.

Hilariously, the next screenshot jumps to Nick, wearing a white and green striped shirt, posing up against a white brick wall – while wearing a gas mask.

The message underneath tells Lauren: “Please get in touch. I think I have your card.”

Nick tried many inventive ways to get Lauren’s attention

The next photograph is a close up of Nick wearing the gas mask and another message telling Lauren he may have her card.

Somehow getting a hold of some more props, Nick then sent her a photograph of himself wearing a sombrero, holding an umbrella and reading the inside of a vinyl cover.

In top corner of the final screenshot, Nick can be seen with what appears to be a blue rubber dog’s toy in his mouth as he looks up to the camera.

After trying to Facetime the girl, at 20 past eight in the morning, Nick then sends another photograph of himself holding her driving licence – in between his toes.

According to sister Amy, Lauren did eventually respond to Nick’s series of hilarious messages.

At one point Nick managed to source an authentic war gas mask as a prop

Social media users were quick to comment on the post.

Michael Schofield asked: “Where did he get that movie quality gas mask please?”

To which Amy replied: “I’m no sure, it’s his pals haha.”

Emma said: “Naw mate I’m buckled. That’s too much.”

Lauren Daniels commented: “It’s the one with eggs on his eyes that’s getting me. Some guy.”

Amy McManus wrote: “An icon.”

Ríaín Ó Híceadha added: “The foot and all…”

While Meesh said: “What a lad.”

Another one of the pictures Nick sent to Lauren

Speaking today, Nick, 22, said: “Basically, what happened was I found it on the street outside my friend’s flat in the West End and we were going to take it up to her, but then we decided to give her a message on Facebook.

“Instead, I sent her a picture of myself with a double chin and it was absolutely horrific, and I was like oh no. So my friends were like ‘send another one, send another one’ and we were discussing what to send.

“It basically spiralled from there, and we starting thinking of what else we could do. I had one of my friend’s dresses on the entire time and the gas mask was my friend’s grandad’s from the war. We had a lot to work with.”

The finance worker, from Robroyston, added: “I honestly didn’t think that anyone would find it that funny, I just thought it would be between me and my friends.

“I don’t even use Twitter, it was my sister that put it out there and I only thought it would be a few people that would see it.

“My phone’s blown up all day and I’ve had people adding me on Facebook. It’s crazy.”


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