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“I’ve just had a dump!” How Scottish transatlantic rower greeted his American “rescuers”


HILARIOUS video shows the moment a Scottish rower greeted his would-be rescuers in the Atlantic Ocean with the words: “I’ve just had a dump.”

Duncan Hutchison is rowing solo 3,500 miles for charity from New York to his home in Lochinver, Sutherland.

The 52-year-old was 50 miles off the coast of New Jersey on June 16 when he encountered a boatload of Americans out for a day’s fishing.

Jay Weinberg, a financial advisor from New Jersey, had spotted Duncan’s self-built boat, Sleipnir, and feared the crew was in distress.

But instead of launching a rescue mission, Jay and his pals ended up having a very lavatorial chat with a very down to earth Scot.






The short clip opens with the camera on a topless and suntanned Duncan looking towards the Americans’ boat.

One of Jay’s friends asks Duncan: “Do you have enough toilet paper?”

Duncan immediately fires back: “Aye, I’ve just had a dump!”

His response is met with roars of laughter from Jay and his friends.

One of the group then compliments Duncan by saying: “Sailing all the way to Scotland, that’s awesome.”

Another says: “I love it.”

Duncan is then asked whether he built the boat himself.

Finally he tells the crew his name as they reply “sweet” as the video ends.

Duncan’s trip was meant to take between 80 – 100 days but four days into his journey he had to be rescued by the U.S Coast Guard due to stormy weather.

He also took three years to build the boat himself.

The rower was a hit on Facebook.












He was forced to restart his adventure on June 14 and has now been out in the Atlantic for two weeks.

His wife Marianne and grown-up children, Daniel, Franci and Clarke who are helping out by updating the world on his progress.

Jay said today: “At first, I thought it was people in a raft and they were drowning.

“Then we got a little closer and there he was swimming in the middle of nowhere.

“We were all laughing”

He also said Duncan was in good spirits.

He added: “If there’s a month he’s going to do it, it’s going to be now.

“I’m not familiar with the type of vessel, but God bless him.

“As long as the weather is alright, he’ll be just fine.

“I keep looking at the long range forecast, looks to be in his favour.”

Jay’s video was shared on Facebook by Fishermans Headquarters and also Duncan’s own page, Duncanadrift.

The caption accompany the video said: “On Saturday June 16th while fishing about 50 miles offshore Jay Weinberg ( @jayweinberg12 ) met @duncanadrift Currently in the early stages of his row across the Atlantic in support of @wateraid an advocate for clean drinking water and sanitation.”

The clip now has over 10,000 views.

Social media users were tickled by Duncan’s response.

Scott Wilson said: “Go yer sel Duncan, Alba gu brath.”

Diane Duncan said: “Fantastic news. Great cause too. Shows anything is possible. Even getting clean water to those most in need ! If a human can tow this . Can’t be beyond the wit of man to sort out famine and drought!”

Joseph Brown said: “He’s rowing the whole thing? God bless that man because I wouldn’t even consider making that journey.”

Duncan’s fundraising page has currently raised over £8,000 for WaterAid.

WaterAid is an international chairity which aims to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene across the world, particularly in third world countries.

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