Thursday, May 26, 2022
NewsLimmy mocks "posh" Glasgow Uni students after they start saying "taps aff"

Limmy mocks “posh” Glasgow Uni students after they start saying “taps aff”

HILARIOUS video shows Scots comedian Limmy trolling “posh” Glasgow University students for saying “taps aff”.

As temperatures in Glasgow are forecast to hit 32 degrees this week, Limmy couldn’t stop himself mocking West End students.

Taking to Twitter, the comedian wrote: “‘Taps aff weather’ in a Glasgow Uni accent.”

After requests from fans for the funny man to do an impersonation yesterday (TUE), he uploaded a short 10-second clip.

Looking off camera, Limmy, real name Brian Limond, puts on a high-pitched and slightly camp accent.

He mockingly repeats the phrase “Taps off weather”, putting extra strain on the end of the word ‘weather’.

As he ends the clip, Limmy looks straight into the camera disapprovingly.

The hilarious clip has already been viewed over 56,000 times and social media users were quick to comment on the video.

Even Glasgow University got involved, replying to Limmy’s original tweet with a gif of Mary Poppins drinking a cup of tea, writing: “’Tops off’ weather, thank you.”

User Juux wrote: “‘It’s totally ‘taps aff weather’ isn’t it, Gavin?’”

Carroll88 added: “Top banter, top chat Brian, would you like to come planking in Burger King with me and Calum? We are off our nuts man.”

Anteater Supreme said: “Every Scottish government ad ever.”

Glasgow Uni joined in the fun

Connor Liam Byrne joined in, adding: “‘It’s totally taps aff weathrr Jasmin’.”

Wazeroonie1 commented: “‘Taps aff Alisdair’ – Edinburgh edition.”
While Dave said simply: “Class warfare.”

Earlier this month Limmy’s parody tribute after the death of Peter Stringfellow made it on to Sky News.

Following the night club mogul’s death, Limmy posted one of his infamous parody tributes.

The 43-year-old regularly posts the same fake anecdote when a well-known figure dies. He tweeted: “Had the pleasure of meeting Peter Stringfellow at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.”

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