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NewsMoment pals give chase in their car to thief escaping on bike

Moment pals give chase in their car to thief escaping on bike

DRAMATIC footage shows the moment two young women in a car gave chase to a “scumbag” thief making his getaway on a bike.

Paighton Kaur and Kia MacCormack spotted the crook next to a car he had just smashed his way into.

The thief made off on a bike so the pals chased him through the streets of their home town, Ayr, South Ayrshire, but had to give up when he reached a pedestrianised area.

Although most of the video is muted, Paighton, 19, can be heard yelling at the fleeing crook: “Get off the bike – you’re on camera.”

Taking to Facebook, Paighton shared footage of the man’s getaway with the caption: “Just caught a junkie stealing a bike of the back of this car in New Road Ayr.

“I muted it because I was shouting him abuse. I hope this gets to the owner as I don’t know what house it was to look for them.

“Absolute scum. I called the police to report it as well so it doesn’t get sold for smack before they find out who it was.”

The clip begins with the man tearing off down the pavement on New Road, as Paighton and Kia follow closely behind in the car.

When he realises they are chasing him he speeds up, tears off around a corner and makes his escape through a pedestrianised zone.

Paighton also shared a picture of the car window smashed to pieces, with the car’s contents strewn over the passenger’s seat.

On social media, the car’s owner came forward to thank Paighton for taking action.

Lynn Marie Boyce said: “This is our car – dirty scumbag.

“Thanks Paighton for alerting the police and staying with the car a while. The car was going into the garage this morning that’s why it was parked there as we both are at work today. I’m not sure who’s the bike is but no doubt that would have been stolen too.”

While Lianne Alix Bradley added: “That’s just awful, dirty b******.”

Tricia Young commented: “Very brave of you.”

The thief smashed in the passenger door window of the car before Paighton spotted them

Dillon Tami wrote: “Go get a job and stop stealing folks hard earned cash scumbag. Hope you fell off that bike and broke your neck. Bloody awful so it is.”

While Willam Giudici said simply: “Shocking.”

Speaking today, Paighton said: “I was with my friend in the car when I noticed that to the right of me a car alarm was going off and there was a junkie looking rather suspicious.

“So we turned the car around and drove back down. As we got there he jumped on the bike and cycled away, we tried to chase him but the bollards stopped us.

“We then went back round to where the incident happened and that’s when I realised he had actually smashed the window and everything in the glove box was on the passenger seat.

Paighton and her friend Kia chased the thief off

“There was change from the middle cup holder scattered over the car and the sat nav was sitting on the passenger seat as well that he had pulled from the centre dash.

“We actually got it wrong as he didn’t steal the bike off the car like we thought. He tried to break into the boot and that’s why it looked like he had stolen the bike.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Police are investigating a report of a theft in New Road, Ayr, which occurred around 1.20am on 18 June 2018. Enquiries are continuing.”

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