Moment Gordon Ramsay tells off Gino D’acampo for “weeing” in Scottish river


HILARIOUS footage captured TV chef Gino D’acampo “weeing” in a Scottish river while Gordon Ramsay laughs hysterically.

Wearing a full kilt and surrounded by beautiful picturesque scenery, D’acampo was undeterred by a telling off from the foul-mouthed Scottish chef and relieved himself off a bridge.

The pair were touring Scotland as part of their new documentary ‘The Ultimate Tour’ with First Dates star Fred Siriex.

It is not clear exactly where the footage was filmed, but the trio were photographed in Edinburgh Airport yesterday by fans shortly after the clip was posted.

Ramsay posted the hilarious clips to his Instagram stories yesterday (MON) morning.

The footage begins with D’acampo standing at the railings of a bridge wearing a full kilt – with the front of it pulled up.

Ramsay walks up to the Italian chef and says: “You are not weeing in that river. I cannot believe that’s what you’re doing.”

Barely containing his laughter, D’acampo turns away from Ramsay and covers himself up.

D’acampo turns to the camera and with his arms held out in confusion says: “What’s wrong with you?”

Ramsay laughingly replies: “You were weeing in the river!”

The Italian celebrity chef is unfazed and replies: “I was just having a little wee wee.”

The Hell’s Kitchen star then scolds D’acampo saying: “You can’t wee wee in the river.”

However, D’acampo doesn’t listen to his friend and heads back to the railings, waving Ramsay off.

In the next clip, D’acampo is back at the railings and fully “weeing” in the river.

The Italian chef was undettered by Ramsay’s warning and continued to “wee wee” in the river

The chef can be heard letting out a groan of satisfaction as he relieves himself in the Scottish beauty spot, before he notices Ramsay is filming again.

As D’acampo tells Ramsay to “go away” the Scots chef can be heart laughing heartily.

Ramsay, between bursts of laughter, manages to say “I told you not to pee in the river” as the clip ends.

Before Ramsay posted the hilarious exchange between the pair, he also uploaded two short clips of the beautiful scenic view from the river bridge.

In the first clip Ramsay can be heard singing The Boo Radley’s hit ‘Wake Up Boo’ while cast and crew members can be seen in the background.

In the next clip Ramsay tells his followers that the beautiful river view is why “Scotland has to be one of the best countries anywhere in the world.”

In a broad Scots accent the TV chef then says: “Awright Jimmy, let’s go!”

In the background D’acampo chips in saying: “This is bollocks.”

To which Ramsay replies: “Don’t use that word bollocks in Scotland please.”

Last week, Ramsay said he was ready to ditch London and ‘move to Oban’ in a gushing sunset clip from the island.

Ramsay, born in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, filmed the footage and said: “OMFG this is a beautiful sunset at Oban. Bonnie Scotland. Come on. Seriously. Beautiful. I’m moving here.”