Saturday, May 28, 2022
News"Only in Wishy!" Scot sunbathes on pavement outside health centre

“Only in Wishy!” Scot sunbathes on pavement outside health centre

HILARIOUS video shows a brazen Scot sunbathing on a pavement behind a busy health centre.

The unknown man was filmed by shocked passerby, Ryan Weir, who noticed the bronzed sun worshipper catching rays yesterday (mon).

The footage shows the man spread out on the concrete behind Wishaw Health Centre in North Lanarkshire, making the most of the country’s recent sunshine.

Wearing just trainers and a pair of navy shorts rolled up, the man barely flinches as Ryan strolls past him on the public pavement.

He appears to be using a black plastic bag as a pillow as he remains still with his eyes closed.

Ryan, who captured the clip, said the sunbather had been lying in the same spot for an hour.

The clip has attracted over 4,000 views since being up loaded onto Twitter yesterday with the caption: “Only in Wishy”.

















Speaking today (tue), Ryan said: “He just layed down catching some rays.

“He was lying there for about a hour. He was sitting speaking to folk when I walked by the first time then when a came back he was sleeping.”

The video comes just days after a man was spotted lying in the middle of a busy pavement, sunbathing at the bottom of Leith Walk in Edinburgh.

Yesterday it emerged Scotland will be hotter than Barbados this weekend as forecasters predicted the heat could continue right into August.

Met Office forecasters expect temperatures to rise to a staggering 32C this weekend and going into next week.

Caribbean Island Barbados will reach highs of 29C but Scots can expect to enjoy even hotter temperatures.

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