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NewsScot's heartbreaking note to dying brother goes viral after daughter shares it...

Scot’s heartbreaking note to dying brother goes viral after daughter shares it online

A HEARTBREAKING note left by a Scot for his dying brother has gone viral after it was shared online by young relatives.

Scott Galloway visited his brother, Darren, who was dying from a brain tumour, in hospital the day before he passed away.

Darren, 44, was too ill to communicate with his brother so Scott wrote a heart-rending last message and left it by his bed.

Scott, 47, from Whitburn, West Lothian, told his dying sibling on February 22 last year: “Orite man, Came to see you but you were sleeping.

“Think you just woke up, you looked at me but no sure if you knew a was here.”

Scott, left, wrote the note for his brother Darren, right

He added: “I am so proud of you Daz, I don’t know where you get your strength.

“I’m actually glad you are sleeping…you’d go mental if you caught me sitting here crying.

“Not sure if I should wake you to say goodbye…

“See you soon. Scott.”

Scott signed the note with a smiley face, unaware that his brother would pass away the next day.

It’s not known whether Darren ever read the message but it was picked up by his daughter, Wednesday, who was only 15 at the time.

Scott’s son Matt shared the emotional note on social media after his cousin sent it to him

Wednesday recently decided to share the note with Scott’s son, Matt, in a private Snapchat message.

She wrote: “Here’s something I forgot to show you ages ago. Your dad wrote my dad a note like a day before my dad died. It’s so cute, want me to show you it?”

Matt, 18, also from Whitburn, was so impressed and overwhelmed by his dad’s message he decided to post it publicly, where it has been viewed by thousands of social media users.

He wrote: “My uncle died of cancer and my cousin has just messaged me this.

“My dad wrote this note to him the day before he died. The ‘see you soon’ bit got me, man. Cancer is a c***.”

Darren with his daughter Wednesday, now 16, and son Declan, 18

On social media, users offered their condolences to the family, and Matt said he had messages from people saying that the note had made them cry.

Speaking today, Matt said: “It was hard for all of us, he had to fight it for three years. He fought to the last day, I honestly don’t know where he found the strength.

“He was staying at Tippethill House Hospital and he was really ill, he could barely talk or communicate with us, that’s why my dad left the note.

“I didn’t even know about it until Wednesday sent it to me, she must have found it after her dad passed. She told me she keeps it on her wall.

Matt shared the note his dad wrote on Twitter

“It was really emotional, I’ve had people message me saying that the note made them cry.”

Wednesday, now 16, keeps the note to her late father on her bedroom wall.

She told Matt on social media: “It just shows how much hope your dad had towards my dad. The absolute hardest thing was watching your dad watch my dad suffer. Obviously losing my dad in the first place but your dad was so heart broken, it hurt so bad.

“Three years he fought it knowing it wasn’t curable but he still fought as hard as possible. He always hid how ill he felt. How he did it is beyond me, my dad was and still is my true hero.”


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