Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsSelfish sunseekers spoil Scottish beauty spots with discarded litter

Selfish sunseekers spoil Scottish beauty spots with discarded litter

HEARTBREAKING photographs show Scottish beauty spots littered with rubbish left behind by selfish sunseekers enjoying the heatwave.

Multi-pack crisp wrappers, single-use foil BBQs and empty bottles of booze were amongst the rubbish found scattered around the Trossachs National Park by disheartened rangers.

At the Falls of Falloch, an idyllic swimming site and picturesque waterfall, rangers found piles of rubbish discarded at a popular viewing point.

And throughout the park punters carryouts and barbeque leftovers littered walkways – with piles even being left under a sign asking visitors to “please take your litter home”.

The post sparked a heated debate on social media, with Scot’s venting their fury at having to litter pick after revellers in their local area.

As temperatures on the West coast reached the high 20s over the weekend, Scots flocked to the 1,865 km2 (720 sq m) national park to soak up the sun.

Selfish sunseekers left piles of rubbish at the Falls of Falloch

However, many visitors simply abandoned their BBQs, picnics and booze for beleagured park rangers to pick up for them.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park posted the photographs with the caption: “Finding this at Falls of Falloch yesterday was pretty demoralising for our rangers.

“We’ve helped clear it up and arranged for an additional litter collection this morning.

“There’s no excuse for littering. Bin it or take it home.”

The post, which was uploaded on Monday (JUL 1), gathered of 1,200 likes and over 950 shares as social media users shared their frustration over the litter louts.

The first photograph the national park uploaded showed the Falls of Falloch cascading in the background with revellers at the top.

In the foreground of the picture empty crisp multipacks, empty water bottles and a charred single-use BBQ muddy the view.

The next photograph shows seven plastic supermarket bags filled with rubbish – underneath a sign that reads: “Please take your litter home.”

Rangers from the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park discovered the discarded rubbish on their rounds

In another picture two plastic bags filled with leftovers are accompanied by now-empty boxes of Stella Artois, Kopparberg and Budweiser nestled under a moss covered tree.

In another park of the park, Rangers found a box spilling out with plastic wrapping and food leftovers – with an ice lolly wrapper visible in the foreground.

On social media, some Scots revealed that even they had pitched in to clear up rubbish in the area.

Kirsty Mitchell told how her and her husband picked up a full bin bag, full carrier bag and box of rubbish from Balmaha beach in the park.

She said: “Absolutely no need. Have some respect.”

The national park shared the pictures on Facebook

Greg Walker added a photograph of discarded cans and burned tents on the banks of Loch Lomond.

While Lorna Riis shared a similar picture of a full bag of litter she had collected – but from the side of the road in the Scottish Borders

D Sheridan Murray said: “I find it so ironic people travel to a beautiful location presumably to enjoy the environment and then leave it looking like a tip. The mind boggles.”

Craig Irving added: “Disgusting. I can’t believe people do this and think it’s ok. We have one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and we let people away with this.”

Linda Purse asked: “Why do some people think this is ok to do this and ruin it for everyone else? It is just common sense and respect that would make you take all your litter with you.”

Matthew Thomas Watters commented: “If you bring it with u take it away. One of the best wild swim spots and jump spots in the central belt and it’s left like this, boils my blood.”

While Emily Hutchinson wrote: “So ignorant. Takes minimal effort to take it home.”


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