PREVIEW: Award winning comedian heading to Edinburgh to win over audiences

Motion Sickness Edinburgh Fringe 2018
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FOLLOWING a complete sellout, highly acclaimed run at last year’s Festival, and a UK tour, Ivo Graham is back at the Fringe with his new show ‘Motion Sickness’.

After five years and four shows spent burying his head in the past and banging on about ‘his school career’, Ivo Graham is facing forward.

Making some adult life choices and trying to feel as positive about them as possible, rather than just feeling sick.

How many of his issues are consistent with the national average and how many of them are worse because of who he is, and how he was raised?

If his girlfriend thinks he should talk more about his anxieties on stage. How upset is she allowed to be when most of them turn out to be about her?

Ivo is aware of what a navel-gazing cliche this kind of thing is. Take what comfort you can from the fact that those sorts of concerns will have been anticipated and, where possible, absorbed into the show.

There are no new topics, only new ways of dealing with those topics. And in this case, those new ways are: manic, self-flagellating, and with a better use of language than pretty much any other comic of his generation.

Since becoming the first winner of So You Think You’re Funny in 2009, Ivo Graham has gone on to tour four shows and gain increasing popularity as one of the bright young lights of British comedy.

TV and radio-wise, he has appeared on Live At The Apollo, Mock The Week, and Live From The BBC.