Monday, June 27, 2022
NewsAmazing moment Surrey farmer runs through a mini-tornado

Amazing moment Surrey farmer runs through a mini-tornado

AMAZING video shows the moment a farmer runs through the middle of of a mini-tornado throwing up a huge cloud of hay.

The clip, taken by farmer Tom Nicholson last Thursday, shows a huge cloud of hay spinning up to 60ft in a field near Redhill, Surrey.

The clip begins with the massive swirl of air in the distance over a nearby field.

Tom approaches the whirlwind in his tractor until he drives right into its centre with hay, dust, and grass swirling all around him like a scene from a Hollywood movie.

Tom then appears to step out of his vehicle and walks freely amongst the spiralling wall of hay as the video comes to an end.

Speaking today (Mon), Tom said: “I spotted it from about 300 yards away, from the adjacent field where I was stacking barley straw.

“It was in the hay field where my old man Jim Nicholson was baling. I imagined he would be absolutely fuming watching it spread out all the hay he’d spent 2 hours raking into rows earlier.

“So I filmed it for a minute or so, stopped filming, then it kept going, so I jumped in the tractor and went storm chasing!

“Filmed the second video that you see, that went viral. It felt awesome.

I was a bit dumb struck. If I’d of known it would get a million views I’d of thought of something wittier to say.

“People say I was crazy to run into it but I could tell it wasn’t a real one, no real power.

“This crazy hot weather had made the hay bone dry and light as a feather. That’s what made it look so amazeballs. Anyway life is a big adventure or it’s nothing.”

“Mini tornados” usually occur hotter countries, such as Australia, when some areas of the ground warm up quicker than others.

This causes the air to start rising quicker which results in small vertical spirals being formed.

These kind of tornados are normally harmless, but occasionally can pose a threat to both people and landscape.

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