Audi driver’s bizarre road rage wheelie bin kick compared with hilarious Italian penalty miss


THE moment a middle-aged Audi driver suffers a road rage meltdown and tried to “penalty kick” a wheelie bin has been captured in a hilarious video.

The unidentified motorist – wearing a white vest and bright blue shorts – completely lost his temper after running into a bin protest road block.

After shouting and swearing at the mostly elderly protesters, the tattooed driver suddenly takes a stuttering run towards the bin and boots it sideways.

The man’s run has been compared by viewers with the disastrous Euro 2016 penalty kick by Italian Simone Zaza, who blasted the ball over the bar after performing a bizarre run up.

The man was driving in Belfast on Friday when he ran into a roadblock organised by locals furious at the council refusing to collect bins in their street.

He can be heard screaming at the mostly white-haired protesters: “Move the f****** bins, will ya.”

The situation escalating with the man pointing his finger.







Whilst protesters try to calm him down and suggest taking a different route, he bellows “move the bins” once more.

He then decides to take matters into his own hands and kick the bin over, comically checking his run to make sure the blow is delivered with maximum power. As a woman picks up the bin the man makes his way back to his car and was able to drive off.

After the clip appeared on social media, commentators had a field day.

One Twitter user posted a video of Zaza’s hilarious missed penalty against Germany, after which Italy crashed out of the competition. “Saw that run up somewhere before,” said Conor Linden.

T’c Coogie commented: “Big hard man driving a hairdresser’s car.”

Ger Aldine said: “Intimidating a group of older women was hardly the right thing to do.

“Yes their protest may have been an inconvenience but come on he really didn’t need to get on like Jackie chan. Cringe.”

Louise Hagan said: “Who was that who kicked the bin? I think he might have anger issues.”

A couple of Facebook users also tried to make some puns out of the incident.

Donna McGrillen said: “There’s bin some comments posted here today.”

Conor Wilbert posted: “Looks like he’s bin doing some MMA training.”

The post, filmed by a reporter from Andersonstown News, has received more than 200,000 views on Facebook and 11,000 on Twitter.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland said the incident had not been reported to them.