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Daughter posts shocking image of charity volunteer dad, 75, after he was savaged by dog

A DAUGHTER has appealed for help after her 75-year-old father was attacked by a dog outside a supermarket, leaving him bleeding for 14 hours and needing plastic surgery.

Angela Lunt posted a shocking image of her charity volunteer father which, despite being taken 10 days after the attack, showed severe wounds to his face and arm.

The “German Shepherd-type” knocked her father off his bike during the attack outside Morrisons in Whitehaven, Cumbria.

The dog’s teeth punctured an artery in the man’s face during the attack on June 29, leaving him bleeding for 14 hours.

She posted on Facebook: “Please can you help find the owner of the dog that did this to my 75 year old dad?

“Morrisons, Whitehaven, 29 June at around 4.15pm.

“He had just finished his volunteer charity work job and was cycling to Morrisons for a cuppa before setting off home.

Angela’s 75 year old father who was attacked by the dog

“My dad doesn’t remember what exactly happened but does remember the day was very hot.”

She added: “The dog, which was large, dark and hairy (he now describes it as a German Shepherd type) seemed in distress, barking repeatedly. Because of this he gave it a wide berth.

“The dog took a dislike to my dad, knocking him off his bike, biting him on the arm, cheek and nose. He remembers having the dog’s lead wrapped around his arm and trying to unhook it to stop the dog biting.”

Her father was taken to West Cumberland Hospital, who transferred him to Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary to see a plastic surgeon.

She added: “It took around 14 hours to stem the bleeding as the dog had bitten through an artery under the skin on his face before my dad could be operated on.

“He spent a few nights in Newcastle, and is still under the surgeon, having weekly visits with a possibility of further work done on his face in future.”

Angela explained how the staff at Morrison were “absoutely lovely” and closed the pharmacy to deal with her dad until the ambulance came.

The Morrisons in Whitehaven near where the attack took place





Angela claimed the owner of the dog slipped away once the situation had calmed down.

She said: “I don’t blame the owner for taking the dog away. I absolutely love my dogs, and would certainly be in shock if this was totally out of character, but I would also know that I should at least talk to the police.

“My dad, well he’s a bit embarrassed, and, bless his very sweet and lovely nature, says it’s lucky it happened to him at 75 and not a small child.”

Helen Benson, wrote: “Oh that’s horrendous. God bless your poor dad. It must have been a living nightmare to go through. I hope the owner does come forward to apologise and deal with any consequences.

“I do wonder if the heat is affecting dogs and making them more irritable than they ever have been but it is still an incident needing addressed as soon as possible. I hope your dad heals well soon. What a lovely man he sounds.”

Hayley Kerr was disgusted at what happened to Angela’s dad and is tired of seeing dogs “tied up” outside Morrisons.

Lynda Johnson, said: “I understand how much you love animals Angie lass. But this is shocking and shouldn’t have happened to anyone, least of all your lovely dad.

“I’m sorry but, this animal should not be allowed to do it again. Get well soon to your dad.”

A spokesman for Cumbria Constabulary said: “We are currently investigating a dog biting incident.”

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