“It’s like Alan Partridge got married.” Oz celeb pair trolled for “using engagement to sell Nescafe”


A FORMER Miss Universe contestant and her fiance have been accused on social media users for using their engagement to promote Nescafe coffee.

Ranae Ayris, a model and Miss Australia 2012 winner, announced on Instagram she had agreed to marry personal trainer Andrew Papadopoulos at the end of June.

However, the glamorous couple, believed to live together in Sydney, were trolled after they apparently used their engagement to promote Nescafe coffee – with a shot of the pair in bed.

The couple even removed and then blocked comments on the post on Papadopoulos’ Instagram page after social media users leapt on it to criticise them.

Andrew Papadopoulous posted a shot of the pair sitting up in bed holding matching white mugs.

While Andrew looks off camera, Ranae looks at him lovingly and has an arm placed around his shoulder.

Andrew posted the picture with the caption: “Reflecting on our engagement this morning with a very needed cup of NESCAFÉ Gold in bed!

“So many precious memories to cherish and so many more coffees to enjoy together at home @nescafeanz #discovergoldtaste #collab.”

The celeb couple came under criticism for the advertorial post

The post was spotted and reposted in private Facebook group called Boring Dystopia.

Social media users were merciless in their criticism of the apparent Nescafé advert and the couple themselves for appearing to advertise the coffee – in what should have been a post celebrating love.

One user joked: “I sold my soul for Nescafé Gold.”

Another user said: “This new advertising technique is peak boring dystopia tbh.”

While one commented: “It’s like Alan Partridge just got married.”

Another added: “When your engagement is sponsored by Nescafé the love doesn’t matter.”

Another user explained: “This made me want to die a tiny bit.”

Someone else wrote: “Social media promoters are such a bizarre unnecessary industry that I just found out about.”

One user commented: “Where’s the vomit react.”

Instagram users who have large followings are being increasingly pursued by companies to promote their products.

Andrew currently has 127,000 followers on his Instagram and Renae has a staggering 185,000.

The couple also announced news of their engagement on the social media platform

So far, over 3,800 of Andrew’s followers “liked” the post celebrating their engagement which simultaneously promoted Nescafé Gold.

However, any signs of criticism in the comments section of the post have been removed.

Andrew and Renae were engaged on Friday June 22.

Renae announced the engagement afterwards to her 185,000 Instagram followers: “On Friday night the love of my life got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.

“I have never met a more courageous, loving, hard working, selfless man.

“You never cease to amaze me, I am blown away by you every single day.

“I didn’t think someone as perfect as you could ever exist.

“Thank you for being you and thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world.

“I am so proud of you and I wouldn’t choose anyone else to grow old and grey with. I’m on cloud nine!”