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Moment paralysed American girl smiles for first time since accident that killed her father

TOUCHING footage shows the moment a American girl smiled for the first time since her father was killed in a road accident that left her paralysed.

Kenzlie Frazer, from Hillsboro, Tennessee, was only 18 months old when she suffered horrendous brain injuries that left her unable to walk or walk and needing round the clock care.

But three years later her family have posted video of Kenzlie, now five, managing to smile.

He aunt, Heather Young, wrote: “I just want to share this video of my niece who is a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor.

“She is non-verbal, cannot walk and has to have 24 hour nurses. She was in a car accident that her killed her father and left her this way.

“But tonight she laughed.”

Heather added: “This smile will melt my heart and I hope it makes at least one person smile today.

“She is five-years-old now and the doctors gave up on her, but God was showing out tonight.”

The video shows Kenzlie sitting on her wheelchair while Heather operates a toy.

Whilst the toy is making noises, Heather attempts to get Kenzlie to laugh by making some funny noises herself.

In the process, Heather lets out a giggle which causes Kenzlie to let out a very cute laugh.

It has since attracted thousands of views and shares with the clip melting hearts across the world.

Kenzlie’s dad, Jon Frasier, was killed in a head-on collision when he was 25. Kenzlie was airlifted to the Vanderbilt Medical Centre in Nashville.

Tony and Mary Bassett are Kenzlie’s grandparents and guardians. Today they told how they are delighted with the progress Kenzlies is making.

Kenzlie with dad Jon before the tragic accident

Tony, 48, said his granddaughter was a “strong willed and determined little girl.”

He said: “We love it [the video], they said it was something she’d never do, but she has.

“They said she wouldn’t be able to talk or walk, but she has started to move her legs and trying to talk.”

Tony, who is self-employed, added: “Any time she does anything it melts our hearts.

“We hope she can learn to talk, they have computers now which can help with speech.

“Hearing her talk would be a blessing.”

Heather, who uploaded the original video, says she is also amazed by her niece’s progress.

Kenzlie after the accident

The 37-year-old said: “I believe what happened to her has reasoning behind it, that’s why I shared the video.

“I wanted people to smile and to know she has made so many people smile makes my heart happy.”

On social media, Reed Miller said: “She is so sweet and precious.”

Kimberly Summers commented: “She looks so good. What a pretty smile.”

Sharon Burris Taylor added: “Oh how precious, not only did she laugh she turned her head, did you see that?”

While Kath Stanley said simply: “So sweet.”


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