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NewsMum posts pictures of Asda glass table that exploded during heatwave

Mum posts pictures of Asda glass table that exploded during heatwave

AN outraged mum has posted shocking pictures of her Asda glass table which exploded during the heatwave.

Paige Angela Tompkins heard a popping noise and was appalled to find thousands of pieces of glass lying under the metal frame.

Paige, from Leicester, said her three-year-old son lucky to be having a nap at the time and not playing in the garden.

The 23-year-old uploaded a post to Facebook explaining how she found her £89.99 patio table in pieces.

She said: “Warning to anyone who owns a Miami table set from Asda.

“Today mine has got so hot it’s exploded leaving glass all over my garden.”

She added: “I’ve rang Asda to Inform them of what happened where I was told they know about this matter as it’s been happening a lot and that I would not been given a refund as I no longer have packaging or a receipt for the item.

A close up of the broken table.









On social media, Sharon Drake commented: “That’s actually shocking. Me and your mum were sitting there yesterday! That’s so bad thank god everyone’s ok though.”

Debra ‘Sid’ James said: “Glad you’ve posted it Paige, the woman you spoke to at head office needs reporting!”

Paul Danks PT said: “Wow. Glad no-one was hurt, that’s the main thing.”

Speaking today, Paige said: “My son is in the garden all the time, but luckily he was taking a nap inside at the time.

“When I called them initially they didn’t seem that interested, they told me, ‘You won’t be getting a refund’.

“I was shocked that they didn’t at least apologise and didn’t want to recall the tables.”

Paige said she wanted to pursue the issue further after hearing about other instances involving patio tables.

She said: “ I saw loads of other people having issues and wanted to take it further.

“I wasn’t wanting to let it slip.”

The Facebook post about the shattered table.










Asda say they are aware of the issue and have been in contact with Paige.

A spokesman said: “We are sorry for Ms Tompkins’ experience and are in contact with her to try and resolve the situation.

“We take no shortcuts when it comes to the safety of our products, which is why we only use toughened glass in our garden furniture and test to both British and European safety standards – meaning incidents like this are rare.

“Very occasionally imperfections can develop in the glass over time and if they do it is designed to shatter into small pieces rather than shards of glass.

“We’d like to reassure all our customers that this product has passed all safety requirements and of the 45,000 glass top tables we sell each year there have only been a handful of examples when this has happened.”

Complaints about Asda’s ‘Miami’ table have been reported in the media for the past two years. Previous complainants have claimed the supermarket was unhelpful, according to reports.

Last year, 12 other retailers were also accused of selling “exploding” tables after complaints were received about Asda and Argos outdoor furniture.

It was reported that shoppers from B&Q, Homebase, Debenhams, Very.co.uk, The Range and discounter B&M had complained about the tables.

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