PREVIEW – Romina Puma returns for the third time to the Edinburgh Fringe with a brand new show and is darker than ever

It's All My Mothers Fault Edinburgh Fringe 2018
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It’s All My Mother’s Fault is a show about love, or the lack of it. A show about a child longing to be cared for by her mother, while having to care for her, and about selfishness as a last means of survival.

What’s not to laugh about? She is not only dark but also blue, sassy and a bit graphic at times.

Directed by Bennett Arron — this show has a very new and different angle on mental health.

Romina’s take on this topic is not from a person who has mental health issues but the struggle of living with someone who has it,which in this case is her mother

The show explores how Romina’s mother’s state of mind has, in many ways, shaped the person that she has become today.

Romina Puma started to perform in the UK in 2013. Since then she has completed two solo shows which she has taken to Leicester, Brighton and Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe. She has also performed in many countries from Italy to the United Stats of America.