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NewsGrieving daughter prompts thousands of messages of support after pic shows her...

Grieving daughter prompts thousands of messages of support after pic shows her cuddling dad’s ashes

A GRIEVING woman has prompted thousands of online comments after she posted a heart-rending picture of herself cuddling her dad’s ashes.

Tallula Hurford’s powerful image shows her embracing the urn in which the remains of her father, Laurence, who died last December are contained.

The 20-year-old, from Rochford, Essex wrote: “Remember that just because we walk around with normal faces, it doesn’t mean we aren’t dying and broken inside.”

Tallula’s post has attracted a lot of social media attention

The post has already generated 2,800 comments on Facebook from deeply-moved social media users, one of whom posted: “This is the closest anyone has described how it feels. I miss my dad so so much.”

The full-time mum of one posted the brave image on Sunday because she wanted to highlight the loneliness of grief.

Underneath, she wrote: “Unless you have lost a parent you won’t understand the days where half of you is completely gone, you can’t get out of bed, have no motivation for anything, not even to eat or drink, not to wash or brush your hair or get dressed.

“The days you are triggered by something so slight that it will make you burst into tears.

“The days of seeing little girls happy with their fathers or hearing people say ‘hello dad’ on the phone.”

She added: “These are the days I spend with my dad now, cuddling his ashes and having one-sided conversations only imagining what his replies would be, a voice in my head and a memory in my heart.

Picture of Tallula at her father’s funeral

“It’s important to remember that just because we walk around with normal faces it doesn’t mean we aren’t dying and broken inside.”

Among the thousands of responses was one from Lorraine Jane Groves Groat, who wrote: “So true. I lost my dad 21 years ago, doesn’t get any easier.”

Helen Traynor wrote: “That is so true. My mum and dad died twelve years ago and it was only seven weeks between them dying. The years don’t make it any easier.”

Leanne Marchant commented: “I lost my mum at age 14. And I completely get how you feel. Sending hugs and kisses.”

Kimberley Lowe said: “This is the closest anyone has described how it feels. I miss my dad so so much. I keep wishing there was something I could do to change what’s happened.”

And Claire Dowd wrote: “I can relate to your post in every single word you say. I lost my Dad nine years ago and the pain is still as bad as it was back then. It never goes away, we just have to learn to accept what has happened which every single day is heartache.”

Laurence Hurford was just 49 when he passed away on December 11 last year.

Tallula said she and her dad had a strong bond throughout the years, from growing up, to him teaching her to drive, to being an “amazing grandad” to her three-year-old son.

“My dad was a kind, bubbly and generous man who done voluntary work with the elderly,” she said.

“He was always joking around and trying to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

“He sent me over an email calling me ‘princess’ which was his favourite nickname for me.”

She added: “I wrote my post to share what days are really like when you are grieving and don’t know how to cope.

Laurence was a “kind, bubbly and generous man”

“I was feeling so lonely that I turned to writing a post for support and to reach out.

“It’s hard to come to terms with the loss of parent and realising that half of you is gone.

“I wanted to let people know that they are not alone and we all go through horrendous days where it seems like there is no way out.

“I would like to encourage people to come forward and express how they feel, sometimes it helps to get everything off your chest.

“I have had so many people comment and message me saying that they can relate to my post so much and feel the exact same thing.

“It is important to remember and realise that we are not alone.”

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