PREVIEW – England plans to sell Scotland to Trump in geopolitical satire

Credit: Heather Isobel

The cast of Boris the Musical are returning to the Fringe this year with their sequel show, Trump the musical.

Armed with a wig and some U.S.A flags, they promise audiences a new satirical farce of geopolitical proportions.

Set in 2020, the production features a Presidential state visit to England, King Nigel Farage’s plan to sell the newly independent Scotland to Trump as a golf course, and Kim Jong Un’s unusual nuclear negotiating tactics.

Writer Laurence Peacock said making satire to match Trump was a new challenge: “We definitely had to raise our game. Just keeping up with all the Korean nuclear ‘will they, won’t they?’ has been tricky.

“But when you’re writing satire about the world leaders of 2018, you can go to some seriously strange places. If the show is silly, it’s because our politics is getting absurd!”

Formed in 2016, when a group of Sheffield theatre makers thought it would be a laugh to make a satire about Boris Johnson, the company’s second show is coming to Edinburgh as part of a 66 date UK 2018 tour.