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NewsIncredible moment woman is struck by lightning as she films raging storm...

Incredible moment woman is struck by lightning as she films raging storm on mobile

INCREDIBLE video shows the moment a woman was hit by lightning as she filmed a storm from the window of her home.

Tracey Kutluol lets out a scream and repeatedly shouts “I’ve been hit by lightning” in the dramatic footage.

Tracey, from Galashiels, Scottish Borders, escaped without injury – a remarkable outcome she credits to a new mobile phone cover she had clipped to her iPhone 7 plus the same day.

The 42-year-old’s footage opens with a serious of dramatic flashes and thunderclaps as she films from an upstairs window.

At one point, a voice can be heard joking about getting “electrocuted”.

“I’ve been hit by lightning” was screamed several times

There follows another warning to be careful – which is brushed away with the remark: “You like a storm.”

Seconds later there is an enormous flash and massive bang followed by a scream from Tracey as she drops the phone. At least one other person can be heard giving a prolonged scream.

Tracey can then be heard sobbing over and over: “I’ve been hit by lightning” before the clip cuts out.

The stay-at-home mum today revealed that she had escaped without injury but was very shocked by her brush with death.

She said: “The phone is working fine with not one mark on the case.

“I had a tingling in my hand and arm for a bit.

“The phone case I got yesterday morning and it’s got a pop socket attached which is rubber, so we think it’s hit the rubber.”

She added: “I’m still in shock, I had to try keep everyone calm.

“I had my 10-year-old screaming for the cat, my pal having a panic attack and my 14-year-old daughter thinking the house was going to blow up.

“I told them all to go down stairs to my bedroom as we live in a 3-level with the living room on the top. Then we went to each room and pulled all the plugs out ”

Tracey Kutluol said she was “still in shock” following the incident

Michaela Burns today confirmed that she is the other adult in the remarkable clip – and admitted that she did most of the screaming that can be heard.

Michaela, a close friend of Tracey’s, said: “We were just sitting in living room with her kids with TV on and chatting.

“I saw a post on Facebook about thunder and I joked with her saying, ‘If it comes here before I head home then I’m staying till it’s over’ and within seconds it was right above us.

“I have never experienced lightening so bad in the Borders.”

She added: “I have a bad phobia of thunder and lightning so as soon as this happened I ran as fast as I could out the living room, falling over a couple of times.

“I have never moved so fast in my life.

“My reaction was to stand on the landing, crying while covering my ears about to have a panic attack.

“My phobia has just increased massively. I’m so glad Tracey is ok.”

Michaela confirmed that Tracey was at the window recording the lightning when the “big bang happened”.

She said: “Whether it was the bolt of lightening or an effect of it, something struck her strong enough to knock her phone and cause tingling in her arm.

“It wasn’t a video for attention. It was a video that just captured how terrified people were in the house hopefully, the video will raise awareness.

“It’s fair to say my phobia of it will never go after this experience”

The phone was not damaged by the lightning

On social media, Gary Clark asked: “Why you would be sticking out a window with your phone in your hand is beyond me.”

Collette Hannah wrote: “Omg Tracey what were you doing outside you crazy woman. Glad you’re ok though.”

Tricia Carrick Shafie wrote: “Wow scary stuff tracey glad ur ok”

Ruth Clark said: “OMG Tracey! That sounds frightening, I hope you’re all ok. Not sure if it’s my hormones still from baby but got emotional hearing you all.”

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