Video shows river of blood and pig meat flowing on Scottish beach following “slaughterhouse leak”



HORRIFIC footage shows a river of blood and pig flesh from a slaughterhouse flowing through one of Scotland’s most popular family beaches.

The stomach-churning clip shows a steady flow of bloody water as the person filming the clip says it is one of the most disgusting things they have seen in their life.

John Robertson & Sons, who own a slaughterhouse behind the beach in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, today confirmed they are investigating an “isolated incident”.

The clip was filmed on June 25 but was only recently uploaded to the Facebook page of Ayrshire Animal Save, who claim the waste escaped from a broken pipe.

Eilidh Beck, who filmed the footage, pans the camera across the gore flowing through the beach, which has a five star rating on

Shocking video shows “pig blood” on beach

She says: “This is actually one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Look at all the blood.”

Eilidh then turns the camera to show the slaughterhouse and a steady stream of blood flowing onto the beach.

She adds: “There’s the pig slaughterhouse and look at the blood on the beach, and running onto the water.

“Never, ever, I have seen anything so vile and disgusting in my whole entire life.

“That cannot be ok.”

She goes onto film other parts of the beach where chunks of what she claims is “pig flesh” can be seen on the beach.

She then adds: “Honestly, I don’t want to swear because I want to show someone this video.”

The video ends with Eilidh saying: “Can you see that? Can you see that’s actual pig.”

In a lengthy post the animal awareness group said they were outraged about the incident.

They claimed: “People were and continue to swim in the sea in this area. This is a popular area for commercial fishing vessels, dog walkers, kite surfers and bathers.

Eilidh Beck was horrified by her find

“SEPA did visit the beach on Tuesday, July 24, and amazingly ran into the lady that took this video. She was able to give further accounts of body parts that she has encountered on the beach and they both could clearly see where a waste pipe was broken.

“SEPA said they would bring this to the slaughterhouse’s attention.

“The legislation in Scotland stipulates the safe disposal of slaughterhouse waste.

“This video footage coupled with no other explanation as to where the blood and flesh is coming from, wholly breaches this.

“We all can be activists even by choosing a cruelty free diet. Consider the effects of eating animals.

“It’s not just a life that was lost, animal agriculture destroys the environmental health of communities that are in the presence of slaughterhouses.”

Social media users were also disgusted by the video and voiced their anger in the comments.

Denise Marie McBride said: “That’s just sick!”

Melissa Thomson said: “This isn’t safe at all, this is contaminated. We can stop this by removing or demand for these products and eventually this will not be here and children can happily swim. Until that happens, this is a public health hazard.”

John Robertsons & Sons Ltd are investigating the issue

Dominic Monaghan said: “Are you kidding? My kids have basically spent the holidays playing in the water. Me and my partner go for lunch and the kids swim there for hours. I can’t believe this.

A spokeswoman for John Robertson & Sons, said: “The company is aware of an issue identified on 25th June 2018 and senior management are currently investigating why and how this has happened.

“We have been in contact with SEPA and North Ayrshire Council in order to establish the cause and to ensure that the appropriate corrective actions are in place.

“Early indications suggest that this is an isolated incident.

“John Robertson & Sons has been operating from this site since 1983 and this this is the only incident to have taken place of this kind.

“The Company has always been and will continue to be committed to its environmental responsibilities.”