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Limmy sparks racism row over Avengers franchise after spotting “deep fried kebab” sign- Scottish News

THE Avengers movie franchise has been accused of racism after Scots comedian Limmy spotted a sign in the latest film offering: “We will deep fry your kebab.”

The star took to social media to tell his followers how he “cancelled” the movie after spotted the sign in an Edinburgh-based scene in Infinity War.

The sign appears in the background of a scene as Wanda Maximoff, played by American star Elizabeth Olsen, is walking down Cockburn Street.

The Scots comic posted the tweet with a picture of the scene on 31 July, writing: “Watching Infinity War. Excited to see Scotland in it. Then I saw this. No, I’m sorry, but my culture is not your punchline. Cancelled.”

Many Twitter users commented on the viral post, which has over 4,000 likes and 500 retweets supporting Limmy in cancelling the hit franchise.


Sam Chick?, said: “Aye, I felt slightly offended when I first saw that. Then half of them evaporated so I couldn’t really complain.”

Mousey?, wrote: “That just sounds gross. Why the f*** would you deep fry a kebab?”

Aldo, added: “Let’s call it what it is. Racism.”

Uni?, commented: “Absolutely f****** shocking.”

Nº?, said: “Wow I can’t believe they’re appropriating the scots like that. Racism is at its peak.”

However, some users on the social media platform questioned the movie’s idea of a deep fried Kebab.

Twitter users comment- Scottish News
One twitter user was unsure about the cooking method.

logan // GW hype?, wrote: “Deep fried kebab is the one deep fried thing I didn’t manage to get in Scotland last week. Pizza and Mars Bars? No bother.”

UweEbola commented: “? Bunch of p***heads – ignorant Americans in this thread not realising they wouldn’t be deep frying weird shit at all if Scotland hadn’t led the way with pizzas and mars bars

Maccorcrain posted: “ I feel a mixture of disgust at this stereotyping of your culture and also a bit of hunger, while thinking ooh that sounds amazing.”

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