Magical moment eloping Canadian couple have white wedding amid rain and wind in Glencoe


INCREDIBLE pictures show a Canadian couple who eloped to get married amid the rain- and wind-swept majesty of Glencoe.

Olivia, 27, who now uses the name Mack and her husband Preston, 28, flew almost 4,000 miles to get hitched in the Scottish Highlands with only their Humanist celebrant present.

The romantic pair’s mud-spattered ceremony took a heartwarming turn when a stranger spotted them and ran up a mountain to toast the couple with a dram.

Photographer Andrew Rae captured stunning images of the wedding in May which have only now been made public.

Olivia and Preston Mack decided to get married in Glencoe – (C) Andrew Rae Photography

The couple, from Meota, Saskatchewan, decided on an impulse to get married in Scotland – 3,700 miles away.

Andrew’s images show Olivia in a white dress and her new hubby Preston in a black suit running about the valley in Glencoe.

They also show Olivia’s dress covered in mud from running through boggy conditions, but clearly looks unphased as the couple appear to be madly in love.

Other pictures capture the magical moment a random stranger, armed with a bottle of whisky, joined the couple to drink a toast.

The happy couple having a good laugh together – (C) Andrew Rae Photography

Andrew said: “This was so close to the roadside that we actually had a fellow Scot about turn when driving past, run up the hill in the pouring rain to open and share a bottle of single malt whisky with them. How nice is that?”

He added: “They helped each other get ready and headed for the hills.

“It rained heavily, it was windy, it was incredible. They embraced every little bit of it.”

On social media, Sylvia Morriss said: “Wow how beautiful what a lovely couple please tell them hello from me and all the blessings to them.”

Christi Gillmore said: “My husband and I married last year in Stornoway and while at the beach for pictures, a French woman congratulated us and gifted us a bottle of wine! Scotland is definitely THE place to elope!”

Langia Lybrook said: “Congratulations from California, I absolutely love the pictures.”

Mary Barnum said: “Congratulations, what a day to remember.”

Olivia and Preston looked all over the world for places to elope to, but it was one of Olivia’s customer’s in her hair salon that made them go for Glencoe.

A stranger offered them a dram of Whisky to help celebrate (C) Andrew Rae Photography

She said: “A Scottish customer had recommended the Highlands to me, she said ‘I don’t understand why more people don’t get married in the Scottish Highlands, it’s the most beautiful place in the world,’ and that’s how we decided.”

Olivia also described Scotland as “spectacular” and said she wants to return for other anniversaries in years to come.

She added: “We drove north first and went to Skye. It was so beautiful there I actually worried that we had made a mistake in choosing Glencoe as it was just beautiful.

“But, when we drove up the Glencoe valley we said this is exactly where we’re supposed to get married, it’s gorgeous.”

Olivia also explained how a stranger ran up the hill to offer them a dram of whisky.

She said: “Him and his wife were driving past and they actually turned around and he ran up the hill with blue and pink glasses for us.

“They had just got married on the Saturday before we did in Edinburgh, then after our wedding we were heading there, it was like we were crossing paths.”