“Why did ye dae that?” Hilarious moment McDonald’s manager ambushed in storeroom


A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a McDonald’s manager goes crazy after he is frightened witless by a mischievous colleague.

Barry McGorry jumps out of his skin when he is ambushed in a store room by a fellow worker who had been hiding on top of a shelf for 10 minutes.

Barry, in his terror, makes a strange skipping motion before turning on his tormentor and yelling at her, kicking cardboard drinks holders as he does so.

The clip, which was tweeted yesterday, was filmed at a McDonald’s in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire.

Barry is seen from above sauntering into the storeroom before Louise Maling launches her attack, screaming “aaagh” and throwing cardboard cup holders at her victim’s head.

The shift manager is temporarily speechless before screaming: “God, f****** hell man”.

Throwing his arms up he yells: “Why, why” before he kicks the cardboard cup holder, screaming “F****** aaagh, why did ye dae that?”

He goes on: “Sad b******. I don’t even know who’s actually been up here. What’s the point in that?”

Mr McGorry then puts his arms on his hips with an expression of disbelief.

Another employee then pops her head around the door and appears to reveal how long Louise had been lying in wait.

She says: “For ten minutes” and giggles quickly before returning to her post.

David, @DH_72 who uploaded the clip, said: “Brian McGorry is the man in the video. They genuinely just done it for a laugh, he’s too easy to wind up. He thinks he’s famous now though.”

He added: He’s prone to a joke or two but he gives it out too.

On social media, Rach, said: “I’ve watched this about 20 times and it just gets funnier.”

Kieran Mcguinness?, added: “That’s the quickest he’s moved in 20 years.”

Alexander Marshall?, commented: “F****** belter.

Ben Garrick?, wrote: “Hahaha I got a fright watching that.”