ADORABLE footage captured a blind hedgehog running in circles underneath a sprinkler – hoping to cool down during the blistering heat


Sacha, a fostered hedgehog, lives in London with her owner Jane Milton who is originally from Scotland but has been living in the capital for over 25 years.

The prickly mammal was filmed thoroughly enjoying herself while cooling down during an impromptu shower under a sprinkler.

Jane believes the hog has been “unsettled” by the recent heatwave, but temperatures were relatively mild when the clip was filmed at 6am yesterday.

The tiny hog scurries back and forth underneath the sprinkler while a bemused Jane films the clip – as she had never seen Sacha react that way before.

Social media users fawned over the adorable clip, while many showed concern that the hog was out in daylight – as they are nocturnal animals.

Sacha is a rescue hedgehog who is blind in one eye


However, Jane puts this down to her blindness and said that Sacha is rarely out during the day – and if she is she keeps her in the shade.

Jane posted the clip, which has already had over 135,000 views, on Twitter with the caption: “Hedgehog excited by sprinkler this AM.”

The footage begins in Jane’s garden, where a sprinkler has been laid on part of a concrete path.

Tiny Sacha can be seen at the side of the path as the sprinkler sprays water back and forth.

The tiny hog is spinning around in circles trying to get as much of the spray as possible – while her bemused owner can be heard saying: “Sacha, what are you doing dafty?”

Even as the sprinkler moves away from Sacha to water the other side of the foliage, the hog continues to spin around – until finally the water comes back.

On social media, BarkyMalarky commented: “The poor hedgies are suffering in the heat too.”

SusieQ added: “Maybe he thinks his rain dance is doing the trick!”

Carolyn Levy said simply “adorable”, with a hedgehog emoji.

Many people on Twitter loved the little dance

Sacha was a rescue hedgehog after being blinded in one eye after she was attacked. Ms. Milton was given the hedgehog last Spring.

Ms. Milton said she had never seen Sacha react to the sprinkler in that way to it before.

She said: “I rarely use the sprinkler, but I put it on early to wet one bit of ground near her ‘house’ in the hope she would find some slugs.

“It was 6am, she just came out and got under it.

“She has been unsettled by the heat so I have been making sure she is in the shade as much as I can.”

“As she is blind she is often out during the day which of course she should not be.”

Jane Milton posted the video of Sacha on Twitter

The rescue hedgehog stays in the garden with two custom built shelters that she can rest in, although she usually sleeps outside under the plants.

Sacha hibernates between October to April, and likes to eat fruits, seeds and meat flavoured cat food.

It is not known how Sacha became blind. However, Ms. Milton believes the small mammal was enjoying the shower.

Ms. Milton said: “It was not super hot at that point as it was early, I think she just enjoyed it at the moment.”