Hilarious moment Gers fan drowns out busker after requesting she sing club anthem


HILARIOUS video shows the moment a Rangers fan sings louder than a busker’s PA system after requesting Simply the Best by Tina Turner.

The 1991 song has been adopted as an anthem by fans, one of whom put on a show-stealing performance in Glasgow on Saturday.

Vianvi Esosa Max-Who was performing on Sauchiehall Street when the unidentified Gers fan made his request.

Jamie O’Neill, from Glasgow, was working in his shop Hotspot Mobile on Sauchiehall Street when he spotted the man launching into song.

The 31-year-old filmed the clip and posted it to his Facebook page Jamie Alexander TV (JATV) with the caption: “Best duet ever.”

The footage has been viewed over 34,000 times since it was uploaded on Saturday afternoon.

The clip begins with Vianvi, wearing denim jeans and white trainers, launching into the Tina Turner anthem surrounded by a crowd of onlookers.

A man in the blue top can be seen enthusiastically clapping at the sidelines alongside other punters.

The footage zooms in at the moment the man lifts both arms in the air and belts out “You’re simply the best” – temporarily drowning out Vianvi.

The man begins to clap and jump enthusiastically, while Vianvi continues to sing and the other punters clap along clearly enjoying themselves.

He can be heard shouting what is thought to be “Moan yersel, get in” as a punter walks up to put change in the box.

The man hilarious dances and claps his hands, before joining in with the song again as the clip ends.

On social media, Chris Baird wrote: “Me in the office when Tina comes on.”

Kai Stead added: “Me at Ibrox when it starts playing.”

The Gers fan put on a show-stealing performance in Glasgow on Saturday

Ian Alexander commented: “I just walked by that dude as you stopped filming. Fair play to him for enjoying himself.”

Paddy Gordon Riley joked: “See yer da’s took the divorce well.”

Jay Mcginlay said: “Aw naw. Look at the state of this rubber.”

While Steph Hall added: “Some chanter. On yersel.”

Speaking today, Jamie said: “The singer’s name is Vianvi Esosa Max-Who. She was asked by the guy if she knew ‘Simply the best’ and she sang it for him.

“Some people were joining in clapping and singing along, but as he got a bit more loud, people took a step back.

“The street has been left traumatised after the two recent fires, so this was the first weekend since one of the main pathways was reopened and Vianvi gathered a big crowd.

“She is a very good singer and had the whole street stopping to listen.”