Shocking moment driver trapped in traffic calming jam takes to pavement at over 30mph


SHOCKING footage shows a motorist driving on a pavement at over 30mph – after getting trapped in a traffic calming scheme.

The reckless driver undertakes queueing traffic, passing a “Thank you for driving carefully sign” before zooming off into the distance.

Matt Lynch’s dashcam was running as he entered the traffic calming system, which consists of the road narrowing to one lane with priority in one direction.

But a traffic jam quickly develops because a bin lorry coming in the opposite direction keeps stopping in the village of Longfield, Kent.

Matt Lynch was driving through the residential village of Longfield, Kent

Matt patiently waits at one point only to get beeped by a driver behind who is desperate to get through.

Approaching the outskirts of the village, a driver coming in the opposite direction is forced to reverse to let Matt through.

But at this point a Ford Fiesta Finesse emerges from the left driving on top of the pavement. Once part, the car swerves back on to the road, kicking up a cloud of dust.

Matt, who lives in nearby Bexley, uploaded the post to Facebook with the caption: “Must have been in a hurry to get to the hospital or something.”

One social media user responded: “What a c**k!”

Another user said: “How stupid of that driver, good job there wasn’t someone on that grass waiting to cross or walking a dog. Should get their licence taken off them if they have one.”

Another said: “Omg.”

Another said: “What a moron, did you try and give this to the police?”

Social media users were furious with the reckless Ford Fiesta finesse driver