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EntertainmentDome Nights is a trip of audio-visual delight

Dome Nights is a trip of audio-visual delight

Courtesy of Dynamic Earth


Dome Nights was one of the most relaxing 45 minutes I have had in a long time. This experience was a zephyr of soothing sound and visual variety.  The psychedelic music of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, is interpreted in a miriade of colour, shapes and mesmerising images all projected onto the domed ceiling. Pure bliss. This show takes you on a journey.  [star rating = 4/5]

As we were led into our extremely comfortable chairs, tilted to allow easy viewing, I was quietly confident that I knew what I was going to see. However, it exceeded expectations.

Before the performance starts the dome suggests the interior of a space station with large windows looking towards the moon. The lights start to dim and the familiar strains of Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side of the Moon begin to filter into my senses.

Off we floated into space, towards the moon, and on to explore the mystery behind it. A million stars pricked the surface of the dome and we were floating, while filaments of transparent light and colour cascade down and through us.  Suddenly we are projected into a worm hole that seems never-ending.

On our way we stop and float at various planes where cosmic ribbons of colour penetrate your eyes and shapes blend and change continualy into more shapes. Just as your eyes start to close in melting meditative bliss, you are suddenly whipped back into the wormhole.

Each time you were spat out you were placed in yet another field of images. Clocks drift down and past you. Your journey to outer space begins to feel like a journey into your own mind and soul. Picture yourself in a kleidescope or inside a Spirograph.

This is a ‘trip’ of audio-visual delight.  In what seemed like a short time we were brought back to earth.  All around me people were looking relaxed with goofy sleepy expressions.

The visuals were actually created in 2001 by AARON MCEAUEN from Starlight Productions in the U.S but have only recently been shown in the UK. He has captured the visual version of PINK FLOYD music. It was a slight shame that music and visuals felt slightly out of synch at one point on but it didn’t seem to phase audience members.

I would suggest patrons to aim for a back seat to get a fuller gaze, I would have lain down on the floor to get a better view had I had the chance

Pink Floyd’s pcychedelic and progressive music still revered today by new generations will continue to be enjoyed. Its the perfect inspiration for this spectacular visual show.  In full surround sound. This show is aimed at adults but there is nothing offensive or frightening so kids over 12-years-old are welcomed at a concessionary price – a great way to nurture the next generation of Pink Floyd lovers.

There are five shows a night using other Pink Floyd albums.

Date of performance: 3rd August 2018

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