Dramatic moment rescuers use hammer to break in to car to save dog locked inside


DRAMATIC video shows rescuers smash a car window to save the life of a dog locked inside – despite temperatures approaching 80F (27C) outside.

The clip then shows the owners of the vehicle returning to the scene and apparently being more concerned about the damage to their car than the wellbeing of their pet.

The French Bulldog was spotted inside a parked car a beauty spot called Frensham Pond, near Haslemere, Surrey, on Sunday afternoon.

Despite the heat wave and numerous reports of pets being left inside vehicles, the owners had left the bulldog locked inside the vehicle.

Hollie Marie Evans took several videos of the incident.

The poor pooch had to be rescued from the boiling car

In the clips the distressed dog can be seen running around the car and panting.

Rescuers use a slightly open window to try to give the dog water. But after 40 minutes, and information from the police and RSPCA that they could not attend, one of them decided to take drastic action to save the animal’s life.

The rescuer uses a hammer to smash a side window and then reaches inside the unlock the car. The dog is then taken into the shade where it vomits.

Hollie said: “The dog was just a little too hot and we were all passing him water and trying to keep him calm.

“We called the RSCPA and the police for advice after being unable to locate the owners after half an hour.

“The temperature was increasing and the dog was showing signs of distress. He started to throw-up and his breathing became more erratic.

“These dogs are prone to over-heating very quickly. The police advised that they were unable to attend, so did the RSPCA.”

She continued: “They also advised that we needed to take caution, as no officer was present to prove the dog was in distress.

“Unless we could prove we needed to get the dog out for its welfare there wasn’t much they could do.

The French bulldog was given water after being left in roasting hot car

“The group decided for the dog’s safety to break the window and get him out. We broke the window, got the dog out and took him to shade.

“He was still being sick and the rangers took him to the office to help cool him down and gave him a few treats. They did a fab job.”

The group of rescuers waited for over four hours for the owners to return to let them know what happened.

However, the owners seemed to be “more concerned about the broken window of the car,” according to Hollie.

The police were called again and did turn up, telling the rescuers they had to give the dog back to the owners.

Hollie added: “It’s a shame people do this and there is no law in place to protect animals left in cars.

The owners returned to the car four hours later

“Common sense seems to be non-existent for some owners. How many dogs have to die before something is done to deal with these irresponsible owners?

“Sadly, we could end up in more trouble for the damage of breaking the window than the owners would be for slowly killing there dog in this heat.”

In late June, a vet put herself through a scorching experiment to show how dangerous it can be for a dog to be left in the car for as little as five minutes in the sun.

Zephanie Woodward sat in a car parked under the sun for half an hour, monitoring the rising temperatures.

After only 12 and a half minutes, Ms Woodward confessed she was already feeling uncomfortable, as temperatures inside the car reached 40C.