COMEDY – I Want an Irish Passport, just for the craic


Ok so admittedly, I was intrigued by this show because like many other Brits with a claim to Irish citizenship, I’ve recently discovered that I do want an Irish passport. Until yesterday, I hadn’t really considered whether or not I was ‘Irish enough’ to deserve it.

[star rating = 4/5]

I Want an Irish Passport is charmingly witty, and a good bit of craic – even for those of us who probably don’t quite make the cut in comedian, Mary Bourke’s revised Irish citizenship test.

In an hour of well-crafted gags and stories from the road, Bourke discusses what it means to be ‘authentically Irish’ post-brexit; tackling stereotypes, the correct way to react to the British national anthem, and everything that’s wrong with Ed Sheeran’s hit Galway Girl did you know there are actually no pubs on Grafton Street?

The intimate Stand 2 venue was packed full as Bourke joked, and sang through her hour long production. Armed with an Ipod and witty anecdotes, she quickly charmed the audience with her educated humour, storytelling and satirical analysis.

Whilst there were a few jokes that didn’t quite get the laughs they may have deserved, she revelled in any silence, quickly poking fun at the audience and the atmosphere in the room was soon uplifted.

Bourke’s delivery felt refined and easy, and before I’d had a chance to get comfortable she had her patrons cheering, and singing, her on.