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In BriefJack Russell needs lifesaving surgery after "concreting" jaws on Farmfoods leaflet

Jack Russell needs lifesaving surgery after “concreting” jaws on Farmfoods leaflet

A JACK Russell needed lifesaving treatment after “concreting” his jaws shut – on a Farmfoods leaflet.

Alfie attacked the flyer after it came through letterbox yesterday and the combination of his saliva mixed with leaflet chemicals glued his mouth together.

Despite the bone-crunching strength in his terrier jaws, the 11-year-old pooch from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, could not open his mouth.

His owner Louise Gilmore rushed him to his local vets where he was sedated while vets performed emergency surgery on him, after discovering his tongue had turned blue.

Alfie with part of the leaflet stuck in his mouth.

The vets said Alfie was “very lucky” as he could have died if he has been alone and had his mouth clamped shut for longer.

Speaking today dog groomer Louise, 39, said: “The vets said he has been really lucky. His tongue had gone blue.

“The postie had put the Farmfoods leaflet through the door and Alfie had went for it.

“He probably only had it in his mouth for around 20 seconds and the next thing it was like papier mache in his mouth.

“He couldn’t open his mouth at all It was completely glued shut.

Alfie’s saliva mixed with the gloss from the Farmfoods leaflet created a cement -like substance in his mouth.

“I noticed a bit of it stuck in his tooth and at first I thought he had been chewing on a pencil. There was no way I would’ve been able to get it out myself, it was completely glued shut

“If we hadn’t been in, with the heat etc, it could have been much worse. The vets said he would’ve died if we hadn’t been in.

“The vets kept him in for sx hours. He’s a nervous wreck now and cowering. It’s just awful.”

Louise phoned Farmfoods customer service to tell them about the incident and complain that it was a result of receiving junk mail she didn’t ask for.

Louise with Alfie after his surgery.

She said: “They said they’ve had a query about it before and got in touch with the printing company who said there’s no way this could happen.

“They said there’s nothing they could do and to take it up with a solicitor if I have to.

“I couldn’t believe how callous he was. They said it’s Royal Mail who post them on their behalf.I said yes but they’re working for you, it’s up to you to make sure this doesn’t happen.

“I said if it’s happened to my dog, I wonder how many others it could and might happen to.

“I didn’t ask for this to be put through my letterbox. I personally think it’s the cheap tat gloss they’re using on it. What happens it it was a young child?”

Louise shared images on Facebook of the tiny chunk of paper Alfie chewed from the Farmfoods leaflet and an image of him in the car with the piece hanging from his mouth.

She wrote: “Absolutely gutted and livid.

Alfie’s now back home after his traumatic experience.

“Had junk mail through my letterbox today and Alfie got to it before me.

“The gloss film on the paper has mixed with saliva and set like concrete in his mouth within 20 secs and now is at the vets having emergency surgery to get it out. My poor lad.”

The post was inundated with hundreds of comments from social media users.

Gail McCormack said: “ This is awful and should not be allowed to be posted through someone’s door.”

Kay Parker wrote: “Poor Alfie. I hope he’s ok. You should complain to Farmfoods as this could happen again.”

Ann Collie said: “Wow that’s horrendous. I’ve never heard of this before. Omg. Hope your boy recovers soon.”

And Annette Walker wrote: “This happened to my dog last year. The same company junk.

“My vet had never seen it before. They did get it out for her, but it was so scary at the time, was just glad I was at home.

“I phoned our local post office afterwards and have had the junk mail stopped.

“He will be ok once they have got it out, bless him.”

Bartram and Patrick Veterinary Surgery shared the post to warn other dog owners about the dangers of junk mail coming through their doors.

They wrote: “Warning. Please try to stop your dogs eating the post. Alfie was a very lucky boy today, it could have been worse.”

A Farmfoods spokeswoman today said they will be investigating the matter but declined to comment further.

In 2016, another Jack Russell, who was also called Alfie, had his mouth jaw glued shut after chewing on a Domino’s menu.

The dog from Hemel Hempstead, Herts suffered a seizure and had his jaw glued shut for more than five hours after chewing on the leaflet.

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