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NewsBeautician girlfriend of Geordie Shore star in bitter row over "horrific" eyelash...

Beautician girlfriend of Geordie Shore star in bitter row over “horrific” eyelash treatment- Viral News

THE beautician girlfriend of Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers is at the centre of a bitter row over a “horrific” eyelash treatment.

Talia Oatway charged £50 to give a customer the treatment for her birthday night out.

But Sophie Grant, 22, from North Bersted, West Sussex, claims the Russian Lashes she was given by Talia were not neatly in line.

Talia hit back on Instagram by pointing out that Sophie had said she was happy following the treatment at Talia’s home on Thursday last week.

Sophie's eyelashes- Viral News
Sophie alleges she was charged £50 for the lashes

The row has divided opinion on the internet with some agreeing that Sophie’s lashes are below par and others backing Talia’s professionalism.

Talia and Aaron, who is now an MMA fighter after leaving the reality show, went public with their relationship last year.

The row with Sophie was revealed by her sister-in-law, Ciara Webber, who posted pictures of the treatment on facebook.

She claimed the pictures showed how the individually placed lashes were not aligned with the eyelash line like they should have been.

In a lengthy post, Ciara outlined her feelings about the lashes.

She said: “These “russian lashes” took 45 minutes to apply and she was charged £50. Sophie has been in tears over how awful these lashes are, and they were done for her birthday which is today!

Ciara's Facebook post- Viral News
Ciara took to Facebook to share Sophie’s allegation about Talia’s treatment

“Sophie wants her money back as she doesn’t have £50 to waste on eyelashes which are awful.”

Sophie today confirmed that she was very upset with the whole experience.

She said: “Talia told me she was going to use the strongest glue as I’ll get the most out of my lashes with it.

“She started to tape my bottom lashes down and then she put something else on top but I couldn’t see what that was.

“My eyes were stinging as soon as she put them in.

“Once she finished, she told me to look in the mirror and asked if I loved them and I stupidly said yes.

“They were awful but I didn’t want to upset her handed over the money and left.”

Sophie 22- Viral News
Sophie 22 said the eyelashes were ‘horrific’

Ciara also posted what appeared to be Talia’s personal social media messages to Sophie.

Talia apparently told Sophie: “I haven’t ever had anyone complain with my work. I have worked in two salons in my beauty career so far and setting up my own one when I move.

“I haven’t had anyone be so rude to me to threat to go public with my work.

“You looked in the mirror and told me you were happy and now you have decided to you ain’t happy after having the lashes on.”

The row has divided opinion online.

Yaz Elizabeth said: “Omg they are awful. Who does this woman think she is. She needs to stop.”

Sophie Hughes said: “These are party lashes and s**t ones at that! Usually pay £10 for these. Hope the poor girl gets her money back.”

Laura McMahon commented: “Lashes are horrific wouldn’t have paid a tenner for them.”

However, others backed the beautician.

Katie Forrest said: “You can’t complain after you’ve said you liked them she should’ve said something there and then.”

Amy Atkinson said: “If she didn’t know what they were meant to look like more research should have been done before getting them the woman also offered to re-do them, seems like she can’t win.”

Although Talia has not replied officially to this specific case, she did post on Wednesday saying she had received death threats and that this was “one of the worst weeks of trolling I’ve ever seen”.

She said: “I didn’t think some people could be so cruel to others, and hiding behind a phone or a laptop to do this people is not ok!

“I’ve decided to work with the police on this trolling and slander on this occasion as enough is enough. So if you decide to write anymore of your worthless comments or messages your names will just be reported like I have done with all the previous.”

Numerous attempts to contact Talia, through her social media, her boyfriend’s PR company, and the beauty school at which she trained, have proved unsuccessful.

Talia's Instagram post- Viral News
Talia took to instagram saying she had been trolled over the past week

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